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LCC-GC2-Outlaws - Lots of Grey

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LCC-GC2-Outlaws - Lots of Grey

Postby Scarlet Pumpernickel » Mon Aug 13, 2012 4:06 am

Squeeking this one in I know, but here's my entry!

More images at
Any comments, feedback, suggestions will be appreciated!

These are the words of Robert of Felwood describing the year of the great search.

Three days ago I received a summons from my former masters at the College of Magic. The message was brief giving me no information as to the reason for my returning to the school. Upon my arrival I was shown to the private chambers of Algernon, one of my favorite teachers. He was with another teacher Oryn who spent most of my schooling launching me around the practice room in mock combat. Both are extremely powerful and both looked especially grave.
Oryn started “Robert, it has come to our attention that the lords and heros of Roawia are abroad and searching for something. We fear it is the Sword of Karlamac.”
This meant nothing to me, but Algernon filled in the blanks. “You may not be familiar with this weapon, Rob, but it is no ordinary weapon. It will give any bearer with the will to wield it the ability to crush whomever he chooses. If the weapon is found, no kingdom, or band outlaws for that matter, will last long.
Oryn stepped in again at this point “We are sending the experienced and powerful mages that we know of to search for the weapon. There have been several rumors that it may have been hidden with the dwarfs that originally resided in the north. We want you to follow up on this lead.”

…and so I found myself searching for dwarfs. I had heard that several bands of exiled dwarfs had been seen roaming the western regions of the unclaimed lands. As dwarfs are not known for their stealth it was not long before I found a group. Among them was an ancient dwarf who had heard of the sword but did not know of its resting place. The best he could do was tell me where to look. Deep within the ancient northern dwarf kingdom there is a chamber within the halls of lore. The Chamber of Scrolls, one of these scrolls may hold the answers I seek.

After many travels I came to the old dwarf kingdom and entered the hall of lore. Where most of the dwarf halls and even the hall of lore had clearly been looted, the Chamber of Scrolls showed little damage. Only a few gems had been pried from the columns. When I entered, the torches along the wall ignited themselves, a remnant of the old magic that lay heavily on the room.


Many of the scrolls were damaged or missing, but in my search I stumbled upon one that had the information I sought:


“…and the sword of the human king will lie where it was forged, in the Room of the Anvil.”

The reference was not very helpful, but it seemed to suggest that the room was a familiar thing to the dwarfs.

Searching deep beneath the mountain roots I spent many days roaming, hoping to find the Room. At last, when I had descended the last stair I found a small chamber with the dull glow of a forge and waves of heat coming through the door. When I entered, there could be little doubt that I had found the Room of the Anvil. Indeed it could be nothing else.



The sword was not guarded. No enchantments or curses protected it. I found this strange until I remembered the words of the ancient dwarf who had guided me to the Chamber of Scrolls. He had said “…the sword is lost in the minds of dwarfs and men. Men wisely gave it up for fear of its power and the dwarfs forgot about it through fear of madness.”

Surely the dwarf lords had tried to wield it for its power, but had not had the will or the purity of thought to wield it without being corrupted. Now I had found it. The question I now face is what to do with it?
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Re: LCC-GC2-Outlaws - Lots of Grey

Postby soccerkid6 » Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:24 am

I've always like dwarvish builds and this is excellent! I like the cracks in the floor and your scroll design is ingenious. The decorations on the pillars feel very dwarvish too :D
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