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Mage's Tower

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Mage's Tower

Postby Kingdoms » Sat Sep 08, 2012 3:29 pm

Soz for my eng, is not so presentable but I wish that all can understand me :spin:
lol!! or not?! :woo:
I am Italian but, I had learned eng on more game online, hihi this is my second MOC (my first is only digital)
This MoC was taked from 7948, inspired to 7946 castle set.
Mhmm, surely based from kingdoms series, when I supposed that a mage tower missed I decided to makeing it!!
Aliencat we had send u an email.. u must send your answer
I hate that I can write a correct english :mad: I want lives in eng :spin:
bye my medieval friends, remember to join on my wbsite maked in english..
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Re: Mage's Tower

Postby friskywhiskers » Sun Sep 09, 2012 12:47 am

Your English isn't that bad, I understood every thing that you wrote with minimal difficulty. :) Looks like a cool website!
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Re: Mage's Tower

Postby soccerkid6 » Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:42 am

Nice little tower! I especially like the interior details :D
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Re: Mage's Tower

Postby athronieth » Sun Sep 09, 2012 2:07 pm

Welcome to CC. Nice little adaptation of the official set.
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