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LCC-Loreos-A New Cart

Postby Hayden. » Sat Oct 27, 2012 3:13 pm


As soon as Hayden and Arhimedies reached the Great Eastern Dunes Market, they sought out the highest paying buyers for the goods they had salvaged.
This considerably added to the gold they had found, making them both very rich.
Arhimedies turned to Hayden and said " Hayden, I must say, despite that bad luck in the desert, being with you is rather profitable! What do you plan to do next? And may I accompany you?"
Hayden was rather surprised at his friends words, But had no objection, " Why of course you may stay with me my friend! I would actually prefer a expert trader and friend like you where I'm going!
You see, I plan to buy a chart, and using my Baronage, Get some guards and using the same route a fellow Loreesi and Merchant used, Thomas of Arrowford, used, I plan to travel to Garheim!"
Ah yes I've herd of him, set himself up good, going there, It will be jolly cold, But I believe that we could make a fortune there. For just a moment ago I saw some very cheap coffee beans, a common drink for us, a luxury for others, and if we took enough we would make whole Chests of gold ingots!" responded Arhimedies.
"Precisely Arhimedies, If you will look to the Cart, and I will look after how we get their, for I hear the Garheim Guards are very nasty, and try to steal humble merchants goods."

A free build for Loreos, and a bridge build to let my story continue from the Apprentice Series of Merchant Guilds Builds, to Journeyman level builds.
Expect a story like this in every Guild build. :)

Last step in the story- viewtopic.php?f=3&t=22690
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