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CCCX - The Hunt

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CCCX - The Hunt

Postby mencot » Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:32 pm

My entry for the CCCX Forest Life category

This moc is based on the LCC and a continuum the story "Zombie Tales" (altough the story havn´t been updated yet)


This started out as a normal night on duty for Fester, patroling the woods around the city of Dragonsmouth. Fester being part of a group Guardians of the Forest(Verderers) assaigned by the Royal King to preserve and apprehend offenders against the forestlaw.
He knew the Lenfald woods like the pockets on his own jacket. Sworn to maintain the Lenfald Forest law he was also very skilled archer and swordsman with great agility and stamina.Because the forest can be a very dangerous place, not only because of the wild animals but the bandits and poachers.
But what he saw this night was something else, something cold and vicked. Preying on flesh, stopping for nothing these things closed in on Fester, they where everywhere and his quiver was getting empty. Deciding that he should try to get back to the forest fort and get reinforcements against this new threat, he heard screaming coming from the west, from the old cemetary. These things seemed to be coming from that direction but without thinking more he quickly run in the direction, knowing if someone was in danger by these things he had to help. Closing in on the old cemetary, he noticed the place was crawling with the undead things. And one came running against him, it looked diffrent, "alive" so to say. Suddenly the figure falled and started to scream and also another figure came running from the north screaming "Hannah hang in there". Running Fester quickly griped an arrow from his quiver and position it over the string of his bow, draw it back and released the arrow. It flung through the air and hit one of the things in the throat that had come up behind the couple. He screamed to the persons, "quickly follow me, I know where it is safe"


Some C & C would be welcome :D
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