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LCC - Heroes Guild - A2 - Foreign Affairs

Postby mitah » Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:05 pm

Your hero on an adventure in a foreign land.

LCC - Heroes Guild - A2 - Foreign Affairs

LCC - Heroes Guild - A2 - Foreign Affairs


For those interested, here is this part of the story... Once our hero's journey is complete I will put this in a separate Stories-Forum Thread along with the rest:

Back in his youth, young Mitah Karem left his hometown of Karendhâron in Lenfald to see the lands of Roawia. Back then, there still were tensions between the provinces, and before the treaty with Loreos it was quite dangerous to leave your homelands. So our young aspiring hero went east over the Dragonscale Mountains, and upon reaching the border to Garheim turned to the coast. There he saw, far out in the waters, the King's Island.

Intrigued by the prospect of leaving Lenfald for the first time, he paid a fisherman to take him to the island - and there he wandered for days, until he could finally see great city - the capital of Roawia and the seat of the King's Council.

He followed an old overgrown road towards the city when he encountered, for the first time since he landed on the island, other people. Two men from the Royal Guard approached him, swords in hand, and demanded that he leaves the road and takes another route.

In the background, surrounded by more guards, he saw the reason for all this hostility: a noblewoman from the King's Court was taking a walk along some old ruins, accompanied by what seemed to be two Ladies in Waiting and another companion - but dressed in the black gown of Lenfel aristocracy.

Reluctantly he makes way for the small group - but this should not be their last meeting.
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Re: LCC - Heroes Guild - A2 - Foreign Affairs

Postby Justin M » Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:38 pm

The minifigures are great!
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