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Dark Isle Saga

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Dark Isle Saga

Postby Derfel Cadarn » Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:58 pm

Hey guys,

I decided to create my own castle castle world and give it a unique look which is different to what everyone else is doing. So I came up with the Dark Isle Saga which will consist of various chapters based around different locations found on Dark Isle.

Here are the first two locations in chapter 1 which will be covering the Village Of Grim Hollow and its inhabitants.

Cobblecrook Cottage - Home of Taryn Ellefson and his father Kendel


Taryn was born and raised in this cottage by his father. He never knew his mother, only that she disapeared soon after his birth and his father never speaks of it. Taryn knows deep down there is a lot more to this story but he never presses his father on the subject as he knows it is too painful for him. His father, Kendel, was once a warrior of the resistance and had fought many battles against the dark and lawless forces that run riot across Avalonia. However, without a true and just Lord to guide them, the resistance disbanded and in the end, Kendel headed deeper into Avalonia to the Dark Isle, to raise his son.
Taryn was different. He never felt the same fear as Grim Hollow's other inhabitants, he felt the place had a certain charm to it, and would quite happily go hunting and explore, getting into allsorts of trouble, as a young man does! He was a keen hunter and skilled with the bow. He could split a twig at fifty paces, but often wished he could put his skill to better use.



Taryn had been out hunting in the early morning which he often liked to do. Not having much luck he returned to find his father readying to go out.

Kendel: "Ah, there you are son. I was hoping to catch you before I left."

Taryn: "Well i'm back now father, where is it that you are headed?" he asked.

Kendel: "Nowhere" he paused..."At least nowhere important. Just to see an old friend on the outskirts of the village, matters to discuss, that sort of thing" he smiled.

Taryn nodded then grinned, "Matters to discuss with a few barrels of mead thrown in for good measure eh?"

Kendel: "Maybe" he winked. "Anyway, I won't be back till nightfall so remember to lock up if you go out."

Taryn: "Always" he smiled. "Safe journey father."

Taryn watched as his father strode down the path and on through the village. "I wonder what he's really upto" he thought to himself, then turned his gaze towards the sky. It was a dull morning, and he was already feeling low after his uneventful hunt. The wind whipped around him and he suddenly felt cold and alone.
Life can be strange. Sometimes you feel as if you're part of a bigger picture, other times you feel the helplessness that maybe this is really all there is. Taryn chose not to dwell on that thought and so decided to and see the one person who could always cheer him up, Sarlina.
And so he walked through the village and made his way to Grim Hollow graveyard, to Haldur's Crypt.

Haldur's Crypt - Taryn & Sarlina


Haldur's Crypt was the resting place of the famous warrior king. Haldur had been Avalonia's first and only ruler, blessed by the druids and undefeated in battle, his rule had been a golden time for Avalonia and with his passing the people lost heart. Haldur had left no heir and so began the downfall of Avalonia into the wild place it has become. The crypt itself is deep below ground, and there Haldur rests surrounded by his warriors. It is said that the iron fencing surrounding the crypt is made from the weapons of his enemys but if they were, most have been plundered over the years. Now the crypt stands decaying, the tower crumbles and sucumbs to nature. A rusty bell hangs sad and lonely at the top of the tower, never to be heard except on stormy nights. Its sad to think that in this gloomy forgotten place lies Avalonia's greatest hero and last hope.
However, it is a commen meeting place for Taryn and Sarlina. Taryn knows Sarlina has a fondness for this spot and he can always be sure to find her here.



Taryn approached the crypt to find Sarlina sitting on a large flat stone. Her head was down and she looked deep in thought.

Taryn: "Thought I'd find you here" he smiled, "I was on my to your house but figured it was best to check here on the way."

Sarlina lifted her head and turned to look at him. "Its cold" she spoke in a soft voice, then frowned, "so, where were you?"

Taryn: "Er..where was I?....well....what do you mean?" he asked puzzled.

Sarlina: "You said you would meet me here when the sun rises....Remember?" she jumped up. "I've been here all morning waiting for you, cold, lonely and feeling like an idiot!"

Taryn: "Ah yes, well, technically its still morning right?" he smilled shyly. "Sorry...I'm here now though, and I've brought you a gift."

Sarlina: "Sorry?... I'd say so" she relaxed and grinned, then walked towards him. "Soooo, what have you bought me." she smiled.

Taryn: "A lightning stone" he said triumphantly. "I found it while I was out hunting this morning." He lent forward and placed the stone in her open hand, her eyes widened as she gazed upon it.

Lightning stones were small pebbles that were laced with white lines that resembled a lightning strike. They were believed to fall from the sky during a storm and were imbued with mystical qualities.

Sarlina: " Its beautiful" she gasped. She rubbed her hand over the smooth polished stone. "I've never seen one as pronounced as this before." She placed the stone in her pouch then turned to give him an ammused glance. "So thats what you were doing this morning then was it? Hunting? I might of known."

Taryn looked sheepish, "I truely am sorry" he sighed.

Sarlina laughed. "Evidently, and you even brought me a gift as a guilty sweetener" she joked. "You know a thing or two about women and gifts at least!" she laughed again, then smiled. "Anyway, I've got lots to tell you" she said excitedly, " so lets go!"

Taryn looked puzzled. "Lots?...Go where?" he asked confused.

Sarlina put her arms around him and winked. "You do trust me don't you Taryn?" she spoke seductivly.

She had a mischievious fire in her eyes, Taryn wondered what trouble she was about to get him into but nodded. "Of course I trust you."

Sarlina: "Good" she smiled "I'll explain everything on the way." she put her arm through his and together they walked out of the crypt and through the graveyard.

Life can be strange and fate is inexorable, is there a set path for all of us or do we tread our own? One things for sure, when a beautiful girl asks, she usually gets what she wants, and so it starts......

To be continued...
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Re: Dark Isle Saga

Postby friskywhiskers » Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:00 pm

I saw these both on flickr and I am really impressed with the fantastic colors and the unique textures. The mottling of the top of the house in the first Moc is amazing, as well as the creeping ivy in the second one. It's been sadi before, but I'll say it again: you're MOCs look less like Lego and more like well painted models! :)
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Re: Dark Isle Saga

Postby Justin M » Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:06 pm

Ditto on the comment above. The unique textures you create in your builds never cease to amaze me. Keep it up!
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Re: Dark Isle Saga

Postby Sir Bragallot » Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:09 pm

The amount of detail on this is mind-boggling.
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Re: Dark Isle Saga

Postby Mark of Falworth » Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:30 pm

So much detail! Epic as always! :D

I'll have to try that tree technique sometime. It looks awesome! :)
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Re: Dark Isle Saga

Postby Aeridian » Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:40 pm

You've done it again, and probably will continue to, Luke! Love your style, the gritty realism, the levels of detail and the story behind it, it's beyond brilliant! Just looking at all the techniques and designs you use makes my eyes hurt! :wink:
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Re: Dark Isle Saga

Postby LettuceBrick » Sun Jan 27, 2013 7:13 pm

There is so much character in this build!
Fantastic as always. Good luck with your project.
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Re: Dark Isle Saga

Postby mrcp6d » Sun Jan 27, 2013 8:51 pm

The crumbling wall around the crypt is great and the flesh colored minifigs are a good choice for this color pallet.
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Re: Dark Isle Saga

Postby Derfel Cadarn » Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:44 pm

Thanks for the great comments everyone!

I have added some of the written story so far :)
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Re: Dark Isle Saga

Postby Elderon » Mon Jan 28, 2013 8:57 pm

I don't always agree with your building style, but Megablocks do you set an atmosphere in your builds. I wish I could, but it is not possible to give any critique on this... Even the use of the swords in that little wall peace in the Tomb-build, great thinking and actually just fits in everything... Megablocks you, sir, Megablocks you...
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