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Battle plan (LCC GC3 phase 1)

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Battle plan (LCC GC3 phase 1)

Postby Burlogh » Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:01 pm

Warchief Burlogh O'Rohal's eyes sweeped over his troops.


During the last months our enemies were silent. Since when we pushed back all their assaults it seemed they won't attack us again. These months were peaceful and prosperous. Sereval tribes and clans joined us and we are stronger than ever. But today is the beginning of a new era. Some of you already know Eldran Shiverlance, ambassador of the Moon Elves from Mystic Islands. Moon Elves provided us valuable magical resources in the past. A few days ago they captured a loreesi messenger whose letter contained terrible news. United loreesi, garnheim and lenfald troops are planning an invasion against the Magical Islands. They want to purge all its inhabitants forever. But I won't allow it. My brothers, we are marching int the islands tomorrow morning!

Burlogh waited till cacophony of shouts, triumph and warcries faded away then continued. One of our scouts managed to copy the plan of the invasion against the home of the Moon Elves. A Lenfald lord will attack them with his army. We will face a small unit of cavalry, a band of archers, light and heavy infantry. In front of me you see the map of the Moon Vale. I want every single warrior of the clan to check and learn it. Find the place both of our troops and the enemy.


Ironclaw Company will engage the enemy first.You will ambush their leading troops close to the elven village. But this will be a sham battle - hit them then retreat as loud as possible. Do everything to lure them away from the rest: shout, scream, drop some of your weapons and flee. Mocrus and his halberdiners will wait for them a bit away. As soon as lenfalds reach them, turn back and flank them. You need to destroy them as soon as possible because their cavalry will charge to help them. Halberdiners will hold them and our shamans with the moon elven archers and wizards will handle them.

Image Image Image

On the back front Shadira and her mounted Steel Maidens will crush their formation the I will lead the heavy infantry to the battle. Scorpions will flank from the left, Claws from the right, Lucky Lads will create diversion and kill the wounded as usually.

ImageImage Image

Tomorrow will be a glorious day for us. For freedom, for the Bleeding Claws!"

While warriors gathered around the battle map and talked about the plan, Burlogh let out a sigh and turned to Eldran. My friend, we will step through the borderline. It won't be a battle, it will be a slaughter. They had no chance because of that traitor. Everything will change and we are in the middle of this change...
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Re: Battle plan (LCC GC3 phase 1)

Postby Justin M » Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:23 pm

This looks awesome! :D
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Re: Battle plan (LCC GC3 phase 1)

Postby Aeridian » Sun Feb 03, 2013 8:49 pm

Yayeah! More orcs to join the fight! :D
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