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GC3 Phase 2 - Trust or Traitor ?

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GC3 Phase 2 - Trust or Traitor ?

Postby petturik » Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:49 pm

I walk along the beaches every day. Just to let the wind blow my sorrows away, to ease my mind and to enjoy the surroundings.
This day was like many others, or atleast I thought.
I was about half way of my daily stroll when I noticed something in the sand.
A glimmer. A glare.
When I came closer I noticed it was a piece of paper. But how could that glimmer, like I saw just now ?
I looked closely and saw text on the paper.
Reaching over to grab it, it lit up again. A greenish glow illuminated the paper.
Was this magic ? Was it me, I did drink a bit much last night ....
It did it again. And again! Everytime I came closer the glow covered the paper.
I was drawn to it. It seemed to ask me to pick it up. Resistance is futile !

I picked it up. Nothing happened. No glare, glimmer or even a spark of magic.
Pfff ... was that all ?


It's the first day of fighting on the Magic Isles.
The Outlaws knew we were coming. They surprised us.
Along with the militia I assembled, we landed on the Black Rock beaches.
Black Rock, said to be black as the night, WAS black as the night.
Having no way to walk safely along the pass, we had to make camp at the beach.
A vulnerable spot but we set up a watchroster to keep animals away and hear outlaws coming, or we thought so.

The next morning we moved up the pass. As soon as Richard of the militia was halfway through, he was thrown in the air.
A huge troll struck Richard with his club, flinging him and his gear skywards.
Two other members of the militia climbed the eastern rockface to give us cover in the pass, only to be surprised by an Outlaw wizard.
He had the power to turn plantlife against us. A green beam of energy came from his staff and envelloped one of the militia members in vines.

Distracted by flying and obstructed militia members, I let down my guard when all of a sudden a firewizard appeared on the western rocks.
Spraying fire towards me, I barely managed to raise my shield. I could feel the glow, the warmth smelted the golden inlay on my armor.

Hannibal just stood there. Hannibal, the leader of the militia. He mumbled something like "I love it when a plan comes together." I think.
There wasn't any time to think it over because from the safety of my shield I could see another huge troll, a tan one, storming towards us.
Hannibal saw him aswell. He didn't flinge.
The troll was on a rampage, smashing the few soldiers I had with me to the ground. He ran for Hannibal.

The movie in my mind stopped. It went black. When I came to, I realised I was still on the beach. Upright and standing, paper in my hands.
The green glow fainted, more and more, untill it was no more.
I started reading the text on the paper :

Feeble inhabitants of Lenfald,

You are mine, as is he !
Your time is nigh.
I will come and claim my victory.
Be aware and tremble at our sight.
The fight will be taken to YOUR lands !

Blannis Hathim

The High Lord has to know about this. NOW !

Most of my usefull pieces are incorporated in my previous MOC, which has to stay in 1 (or 2) piece(s) for a little longer. There for I had to make do with what I had. Timed builds are fun to do but can make it all a heck harder :P

Overview by Petturik NL, on Flickr

Richard Kelly of the Militia - I believe I can fly by Petturik NL, on Flickr

Jerry Lee Lewis by Petturik NL, on Flickr

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Re: GC3 Phase 2 - Trust or Traitor ?

Postby Aeridian » Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:11 pm

Nice work for being short on the more useful bricks. :tasty:
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Re: GC3 Phase 2 - Trust or Traitor ?

Postby Justin M » Sun Feb 17, 2013 11:31 pm

The build has an interesting colorscheme which I quite like! :)
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Re: GC3 Phase 2 - Trust or Traitor ?

Postby LettuceBrick » Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:16 am

Nice work on the flying and fire effects!
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