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Through the desert ([LCC][Outlaws] LC9: On the move)

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Through the desert ([LCC][Outlaws] LC9: On the move)

Postby Burlogh » Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:42 pm

Battles over the Magical Islands demanded blood from every factions. Though Loreesi call themselves winners and they even established a new stronghold, hundreds of knights died far away from their home in the name of glory. Or in the name of fool and pointless thirst of power. Lenfald and Garheim lords suffered serious casualities and sereval outlaw clans were wiped out from the land. But the war is not over, the invasion just fanned the flame. Even somewhat peaceful outlaw commanders decided to wide the front and planned counter-attack against the knights.

After succesfully defended the sun elves' settlement, the Bleeding Claws were strenghtened by the magic of their new allies. Warchief Burlogh O'Rohal decided to attack the heart of the Loreesi lands and leads a small scouting expedition through the desert to find a way for a surprise attack.

Through the Desert

((I had eventful days so I didn't have enough time for building so just a small vignette this time.))
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