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LCC Garheim - LC10 Phase 2 "The Scent of Cut Stone"

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LCC Garheim - LC10 Phase 2 "The Scent of Cut Stone"

Postby EmperorMarkusI » Wed Mar 27, 2013 11:06 pm

Hi all!

Here's a build for Phase 2 of the LCC Garheim Local Challenge Phase 2. Titled "The Scent of Cut Stone"
Only AFTER taking the pictures did I realize what I'd forgotten: the road! Sorry it's so bare and...well, lifeless. :-(Unfortunately I scrapped the build before uploading the photos, so...*sigh* next time.
Hope you like it otherwise!

Earlier in the morning, Marykk had gathered with Einryk, the town’s famous tracker Neivanskaal, and Orrin, his father’s friend and captain of the Nereberg guard. Orrin had left command of the guard to his housecarl, Thorbad, and to keep Marykk’s brother Aelbern out of trouble (or from following them), had allowed him a spot on Thorbad’s work-gang. As they left town, armed and ready to visit the Icefall Barrow, Marykk and his companions passed the work-gang hard at work on the base of a defensive wall on the outskirts of Nereberg. When the Jarl’s messenger had come to town several days before, with dire warnings of imminent war, the townspeople had been largely apathetic. But, the town leaders would rather be safe than sorry, and so the wall was planned and construction started.

Orrin grumbled as they walked, the smell of onions on his breath beneath his beard. “Thorbad better keep ‘em working hard while I’m gone. And remember boy, I only agreed to go with you because you’re Thorenn’s lad, and you couldn’t fight-off an Ice Bear if it was sick, pregnant, and blind.”
Marykk sniffed. “Thank you for the vote of confidence. I accept your insult with manly dignity.”
Einryk laughed and elbowed his friend. “We don’t have to worry anymore with Orrin with us though…the bears will all run away from his breath.”
Orrin grunted and, behind them, Neivanskaal just chuckled quietly.

The work-gang had already laid out most of the foundation stones for the wall and were starting on the main stones as Marykk and his companions passed. A ways off, Aelburn waved to them.
“Do you really think war will come to Garheim?” Einryk’s eyes were on the wall as they walked by.
Orrin was quiet for a moment. “I don’t think the Loreesi are that foolish. They’d never win a campaign up here in the land of snow and ice. Their horses would freeze to death.”
Marykk nodded, peering into the distance beyond the mountains. He hoped Orrin was right, but either way, they had more personal troubles to deal with, like returning his father’s sword to its rightful place in his hand.

Link to the Flickr set:
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Re: LCC Garheim - LC10 Phase 2 "The Scent of Cut Stone"

Postby Mark of Falworth » Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:50 pm

This looks great! I like the rubble filling between the walls! :)

I wouldn't worry about the road, it looks fine to me! ;)
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Re: LCC Garheim - LC10 Phase 2 "The Scent of Cut Stone"

Postby AK_Brickster » Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:34 pm

I really like the build, but there are a couple of details that I think could be improved on.

The two things that stick out to me are that I can't think of any reason for there to be a box of wagon wheels next to the wall. It would make more sense for it to be a box of tools, mortar, or stones, I think.

Also, I'm still not sold on the red pony tailed men, but I guess that's just personal preference. The guy w/ the orange beard has hair that doesn't quite match. Maybe leaving him bald or giving him a helmet would be better.

I love your stories! Keep up the good work!
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Re: LCC Garheim - LC10 Phase 2 "The Scent of Cut Stone"

Postby EmperorMarkusI » Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:41 pm

Thanks guys!

Justin, you are absolutely right. lol no, there's no reason they need wheels near the wall...although maybe they're for firewood? I just wanted a 'complicated brown piece' to make it look 'busy'. I think it succeeded but you're right, it's not quite in-theme.

As to the hair...I think the red ponytails are great for the northmen. I mean, this is based on the land of Erik the Red and such...But as to the combinations (red hair orange beards) that I will definitely work on for the future :-)

And thanks Mark about the although I'm not sure it can really compare, considering your latest builds :-)

As far as the rubble, I couldn't decide on whether to use dark bley or not, and I decided not to since they're presumably using the same stone as for the wall blocks. But oh well. Thanks! :-)
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Re: LCC Garheim - LC10 Phase 2 "The Scent of Cut Stone"

Postby mpoh98 » Tue Apr 02, 2013 6:13 pm

Great job! I agree with AK Brickster though.
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