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LCC Lenfald LC10 - Revamping the Ruins

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LCC Lenfald LC10 - Revamping the Ruins

Postby friskywhiskers » Thu Mar 28, 2013 5:56 pm

Here is My Entry to the Lenfald LC10. I decided to go with a different water technique, as I was getting a bit bored with my old one. Enjoy!


War is once again brewing in the Land of Rowia! The Three factions are at peace for, but the ill feelings of betrayal will yet lead to violence! Governor Aethad has instructed that the old keep near the coast of bladefall should be restored and fortified as a means of defense. It will also serve as a watchtower to keep tabs on foreign ships. Originally, the keep was built on soft ground, causing the hill to slump downward which weakened the foundation. Sir Edwyn and his restoration team are carving out the hill and building a wall into it to rectify this problem. Stakes are being laid for a new outer gatehouse, and a space is being cleared on the outlying rock stack for an additional tower.

I will also be doing a "stage two" of the construction for a freebuild, and the completed keep. Note that when it is finished, It will also be considered a place in Mitgardia. *Cough* soccerkid *Cough*
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Re: LCC Lenfald LC10 - Revamping the Ruins

Postby soccerkid6 » Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:26 pm

Forgot to mention the excellent landscaping on flicker :wink:
The SNOT rocks, trees, and water all work nicely here :)
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Re: LCC Lenfald LC10 - Revamping the Ruins

Postby Caelan » Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:05 pm

Loving this! I put my comments on Flickr, but now this LC competition is really strong :)
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