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LCC - They came at dawn

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LCC - They came at dawn

Postby mitah » Tue Apr 30, 2013 3:29 pm

They came at dawn

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They came at dawn

Just as the sun crawls over the horizon the King's Guard sets foot on Lenfel shores. Following the king's assassination they left the royal fortress to investigate the instigators of the deadly assault.

After finding further information in Loreos, all but confirming the suspicions that high diplomats from Loreos were directly behind the assassination, they are on the way to Stonewald to present their findings to the Northern Coalition of Lenfald and Garheim.

Lenfald has become far more dangerous since the start of the conflict with Loreos, many troops who were normally patrolling the woods to keep wild animals and the remnants of magic in the Wandering Woods in check are off to war, so two Elven Rangers welcome the guard and guide them to the capital.
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