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(LCC Loreos Operation Russell) A Tale of Raiders

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(LCC Loreos Operation Russell) A Tale of Raiders

Postby Hayden. » Tue Apr 30, 2013 4:31 pm

Twas just as the night fell, like a blanket of darkness, when a small band of men, clad in glorious red and gold, crossed the south eastern Lenfald border. As water flows over a river bed, they slid across the border, passing the warning signs, the fortifications, and the patrols.
They scurried along, though field, swamp then forest, until they reached the clearing.
Now in this clearing the laborers and their guards were still working trying to fulfill the order, placed by the Lenfeld Siege engineers. Like clockwork the men spread out, around the edges, until they surrounded the clearing and everyone in it. With a sounding of a horn, the men sprang out, shocking the workers, who dropped their tools, and began to cower.

Working like a well tuned crossbow, the raiding party rounded up the cowering wrecks, and their shocked guards, and pinned them in a corner. Leaving several men to guard them, Hayden, the Leader of this merry band, also Lord of the Eastern Dunes, set to work issuing orders for men to collect the already cut wood, and lumber, to start tying together, to be dragged back to Loreos to help with the Loreesi War effort.
For the next hour, the men Silently and efficiently cut down trees, collected the lumber, and prepared to return with the goods, the so sorely needed.

As the men started to leave, the last man to go, set fire to the remaining wood and trees, which they could not collect, so they did not be used against the motherland.
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Re: (LCC Loreos Operation Russell) A Tale of Raiders

Postby mpoh98 » Wed May 01, 2013 3:28 pm

Sweet build! Fantastic work here!
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