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LCC - Loreos - AOD&J CI&II: Arriving At Morastia

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LCC - Loreos - AOD&J CI&II: Arriving At Morastia

Postby Da_Maximus » Mon Jun 10, 2013 8:12 pm

Adventures of Damaximus & Julia, Chapter 1 & 2

Chapter I (by MattiusXavier)

Without a sound in the darkness the High King of Rowia was slain...the mighty people of Loreos who had been utilizing the Areani legions for protection lay blamed for the tragedy and assassination. Although these accusations remained false, the mighty High Consul (Arturius Xavier) of the Morastian Republic (long time allies of Loreos) called together his generals, Pro-Consuls and people in a bid to not only fight for the republic and the alliance they uphold but to win lost lands that rightfully belonged to them. Seeing that he had the numbers and a just cause, the Consul still felt that it would be best to seek advice and council from some of his oldest friends across the sea who were foreign to this conflict and would offer fair advice, maybe even more troops to suppor the war effort.

Thus the Consul sent out ships with envoys to meet with his old time such ship...the warship "The Defiant" sailed into the Harbour of Mpya Stedor in Kaliphlin (Guilds of Historica) a mere half of a fort night later during the darkness of the night with the messenger aboard who was to seek council from the old Lord of the City. Little to the knowledge of the messenger that times had changed since the Consul had been in the City last...his friend had been replaced by the much younger and handsomer Lord Damaximus the heir to the region. Hearing and reading the words from the messenger who remained garbed in a cloak shielding both their face and armour...Lord Damaximus agreed to sail forth from the port and meet with his father's friend on the isle of Ilia in the Morastian Republic. The offer of course was a peaceful one that would benefit both powers.

Chapter II (by Da_Maximus)

After a long voyage on the see, the fleet finally arrived at Morastia.
On 'The Amazon', the flagship of the fleet, Lord Damaximus and the mysterious female messenger talked a lot about diplomatics and politics during the voyage and they really enjoyed eachother presence.

As promised, Lord Damaximus brought with him 200 soldiers and 50 Alleenridders. Some of these Alleenridders (who come from every corner in the world), were born in Loreos or Morastia and after all those years of travelling and so many heroic quests, they finally would see their homeland again.
3 of them arrived together with their leader (Lord Damaximus) and the diplomat Sir Handoximus in 'The Amazon.

The adventures in Roawia are about to begin...


(Lord Damaximus) : "That guy there, is he the consul?"
(messenger) : "haha, no he is just an officer"
(LD) : "Oh... I expected the consul or at least someon of his family..."
(messenger) : *looks to LD and smiles without saying a word*


The officer kneeled before the two.
(Lord Damaximus) : "Haha, that's already better!"

(officer) : "Welcome Lord and welcome back mylady!"
(Lord Damaximus) : *suprised* "mylady?"

The messenger revealed herself

(officer) : "yes Lord, this is mylady Julia Xavier, daughter of Arturius Xavier, the Consul of Morastia!"
(Lord Damaximus) : "Oh... That changes a lot!" *kneels before Julia* "I am sorry mylady for the flirting during the voyage!"
(Julia) : "Hahaha, is no problem Lord Damaximus, I enjoyed your presence a lot!"


And so Lord Dama Ehdehl Mfalme Ximus arrived in a whole new adventure. Too aid him in his duties in Morastia, he brought some of his most loyal captains with him. And his best diplomat.

Chapter III: Coming soon!!!

C&C welcome ofcourse!!
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Re: LCC - Loreos - AOD&J CI&II: Arriving At Morastia

Postby Justin M » Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:35 pm

The 'fig combo's are genius. :)
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