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Ideas/ tips for new diorama

Postby jdubbs » Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:51 am

I am working on a large medieval layout. I am wanting to have one large castle and town with several smaller settlements "down the road" from the main settlement. I am wanting to make a militia for one of the smaller towns. Any ideas on that? Also I need pointers on burning buildings, ruins. I always want to make a scene with warfare but never in my capital city. It is hard to show daily life with agriculture and trade ect... with a bunch of armed men rushing in. Nor do I enjoy (in my mocs ) happy smiling yellow faces near a scene of violence. So I am hoping to make a smaller town/ village to depict that. I plan on having it non populated. Like everyone has fled or moved on. I'm thinking 64x64 to 64x96. I have some ideas for how I am going to do it but would like any feedback I could get. I am excited about getting that part of my layout started. I have lurked this site for about six years now and it is hands down my favorite website. this is what I have been working on for one of the other small settlements. I am still learning how to link/ post pics/ take pics so hopefully you all can bare with me. I have seen a lot of great stuff on here, and hope to upload more pictures soon. I'm having my first kid on the 18th of June!!! 7days!!! So I may be a little hit or miss for a while. Keep up the great work everyone, there are lurkers like me in the world who get a lot of enjoyment from seeing what you all build.
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Re: Ideas/ tips for new diorama

Postby andhe » Tue Jun 11, 2013 9:46 am

Hi there! This topic may get moved but great to hear you've taken the plunge and looking at your current MOC it looks like you have a nice 'classic' style. By this I mean that it reminds me of the classic lego castle sets from when I was young, so how about looking at them for inspiration? There are plenty of ideas for carts and shops if you are interested in creating a more peaceful atmosphere.

I also think the recent Mill raid set is a good example of how you could introduce low level conflict into the outer regions of your build.

A builder that I really enjoy (but as far as I know, doesn't post on this website) is this guy who makes castle MOCs reminiscent of the classic sets. There is something nostalgic in the simplicity of his builds. But even in this case, simplicity takes a lot of effort!

I hope you enjoy the new baby, and you'll either have no time at all, or time late at night to design all your MOCs while trying to get the baby to sleep!
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