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A Joyful Return (LCC Lenfald Local Contest 8)

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A Joyful Return (LCC Lenfald Local Contest 8)

Postby theboywarrior » Wed Jun 19, 2013 3:43 pm

Joyful Return 1 by theboywarrior, on Flickr

Marius watched, amused, as the woman on the path scrutinized him. As he approached, she gasped, and began to move towards him.
As Marius ran closer to his beloved, bits of his battlegear were thrown to the ground, even his beloved sword. The entire campaign against Loreos was over, and finally, he could be with his betrothed.

Joyful Return 2 by theboywarrior, on Flickr

"Marius, you're home!" exclaimed Jayne.
"Yes. it takes a lot more than a few desert rats to get rid of me!"
Marius paused after saying this, noticing the flicker of...something on his lover's face. The war had been especially hard on Jayne, as her Loreesi relatives pulled her one way, and Marius pulled her back. However, she had remained loyal to Lenfald, and to Roawia.

A look of shock crossed Jayne's face, followed by amusement.
"You're growing a beard!"

Marius's face split into a grin as he embraced her.

Joyful Return 3 by theboywarrior, on Flickr

"Well, I plan on growing it out to a full..."
Marius was cut off as Jayne kissed him.

She said, "Marius, I have moved our wedding, We will be married in a week!"
Marius started. "What?!"
"I will tell you why afterward, but there is a certain...matter that must be resolved, and could only be resolved by moving the wedding up."
"Whatever the reason, my love, I am sure it is in our best interest."
They embraced again.

Enjoy! :wave:
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