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The Confiscation

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The Confiscation

Postby josdu » Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:33 pm

William Navarre's story:

In the middle of the ocean on a bright and calm day there lay a well-manned ship and well was it for them, for they were in the heart of the ocean and a place frequented by pirates. Though it appeared a dead calm the small craft moved quickly under the influence of the sail which caught the higher wind. "Sail Ho!" yelled the lookout, a sturdy man armed to the teeth. Soon the lately peaceful deck became a bustle but by the time they were near to the large ship there was not a man without a weapon. Then the large ship, obviously doubting the small vessel's intentions, turned and began a retreat. In an instant a red flag with the black bat emblem (
) was waving from the mast peak and the little ship followed in hot pursuit. Soon it became evident that the pirate, for such there was now no doubt that it was, ship's speed was superior to that of the larger vessel and it would soon be over taken. The larger ship seeing that all was lost stopped and determining to ram the smaller craft, went straight toward it. The smaller ship veered just in time and using hooks boarded the other. A fierce but brief conflict followed in which the pirate crew gained the upper hand. The man who appeared to be the captain of the pirate vessel then ordered all the goods to be placed in his ship and the other burned, leaving the prisoners in a small boat to their fate.
"Who is that?" asked a man wearing a blue and black suit of armor to a small man, who evidently was a merchant.
"That is a relatively rich merchant that visits here now and then," replied the small man. "See, there lies his ship, but he seldom visits long."
"Thank you," said the other and he walked toward the ship the merchant had pointed out. Asking one of the crew what the captain's name was he received a touch on his shoulder.
"Beg your pardon," said the captain "But do you intend to buy something?"
"No," he replied. "But may I ask your name and business here?"
"My name is Jean, and my business to sell my goods," answered the captain. "What do you sell?" inquired the man with the suit of armor.
"I thought you did not wish to buy."
"True, but that means nothing and I could advertise them."
"Perhaps, but beg your pardon, I must go and can not talk with you forever, maybe you can talk with my mate," and pointing to the mate he quickly left.

Three hours later a band of armed men marched down the dock toward the small ship. The captain went to meet them evidently surprised. "What is this?" he queried. "Pirate," returned the leader, some noble of high rank, "We are here to arrest you and confiscate your ship." One of the crew started and began, "How did…" A stern glance from the captain silenced him and he replied, "How dare you to accuse me of this thing. What proof have you? But please wait though, my man was saying?" "How did you so quickly return?" continued the sailor, looking at the man who had been there before, after spotting him in the band. "We have proof in your man right there," said the leader paying no heed to the sailor and nodding toward one of the crew. Then he continued sarcastically, "But we will pay you a good sum if we find ourselves incorrect after you spend some days in prison." With that the captain was infuriated. "We'll teach you a lesson," he exclaimed and with that one of the crew threw him an admiral hat with golden skull and cross bones and the red flag was run up the mast.


But the pirates soon began to lose and they were all lead away in chains. The pirate captain, because he was on the dock, managed, after fighting bravely, to escape in a small boat planning to revenge himself on the powerful lord.


Meantime of course the rest of the world was moving on. The new Queens coronation/banquet was going to be soon so Navarre decided his revenge could wait! Such an opportunity could not be put to waste!
Also the outlaws were holding a barfight so William Navarre sent Joshua Navarre his brother, an accomplished assassin.

See more pictures here

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