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(LCC) The Last Stand

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(LCC) The Last Stand

Postby Mark of Falworth » Sun Jul 28, 2013 2:59 pm

(LCC) The Last Stand. by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr

A lone Areani knight faces off against a horde of outlaws!

They may outnumber him 100 to 1, but they will never take him alive! He will fight to the bitter end! For the Glory of Loreos!

This is my small addition to the Art of War contest over at the LCN. Be sure to check it out! :)
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Re: (LCC) The Last Stand

Postby mrcp6d » Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:38 pm

Just saw this on TBB, congrats on the blog!

What did you use for the background?
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Re: (LCC) The Last Stand

Postby Ronin Dragonslayer » Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:14 am

This is really cool! The background is perfect.
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Re: (LCC) The Last Stand

Postby Eklund » Mon Jul 29, 2013 4:14 pm

Very cool, Mark! I especially like the silhouettes of the weapons.
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Re: (LCC) The Last Stand

Postby Justin M » Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:27 pm

This is fantastic, Mark! :D
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Re: (LCC) The Last Stand

Postby Ferretclaw » Tue Jul 30, 2013 6:33 pm

Awesome. Basically anything I say is just repeating my comment on flickr. Great cliff and great photo editing.
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Re: (LCC) The Last Stand

Postby josdu » Sat Aug 10, 2013 10:16 pm

Great job, this is really cool :D !

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