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CCC and contest threads

Postby Bruce N H » Sun Dec 01, 2013 5:02 pm

Hey all,

In the interest of clearing out the large number of stickied threads at the top of the forum, I'm going to link all of the threads here for easy access, and lock this thread to replies. Please follow the links and reply in the appropriate place.

To learn more about the CCC contest please see the rules and categories and prizes pages.
In addition to the contest categories, there will be recognition to the winners of the Cross-Category awards.
To pester the admins with endless questions about the categories, please see the CCC 11 thread. Please read through previous answers, as your question may have already been raised.
To submit your entries, go to the submission form - Reminder - simply posting in the forum is NOT entering the contest. You must use the entry submission form.
To see other people's entries, see the view entries page.
If your entry has not shown up, first, be patient, we may just have not gotten to it yet. Or there may be some problem with your entry, in which case it will be on the naughty list. Please check there and fix any problems.
Finally, let's all play nice and have fun. Review the Common Courtesy for Contests guidelines.

2014 Classic-Castle Calendar - Order one now and be ready for the new year.
Mini Castle Contest VII - Winner will be announced sometime this week.
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