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Deadly Arrowstorm FreeBuild2 November

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Deadly Arrowstorm FreeBuild2 November

Postby ForestFriend » Mon Dec 02, 2013 11:37 pm

MOC 1. IMAGE 1. Loreesi archers draw blood. The skittish horses have delayed the Outlaws escape. Just as they get moving again, two crossbow bolts strike home. One grazes an Outlaws arm with superficial damage only. But another female Outlaw falls down screaming as a bolt thuds into her back. She's dragged into cover as the Outlaws find shelter in the woods. Six bows now are raised and let fly as Daffyd commands "ALL FIRE NOW" A swarm of arrows heads for the bridge and the archers are both targeted by the closest Outlaw archers. Gryff throws himself down and stays behind the bridge, realising that death heads straight for the Loreesi warriors.
MOC 2 IMAGE. Deadly Firestorm
The return of fire from six deadly Outlaws shatters the Loreesis on the bridge. A second archer falls to his death. Six soldiers lie dead or badly wounded. The Captain was hit and is dragged back inside the fort. Gryff runs away back to the village.He knows the Loreesis are finished and values his skin highly. He's seriously considering becoming a gong farmer again. From the forest, Daff comands "CEASE FIRE" Groans are heard from the wounded Lorees'is. The morale of theLoreesi's is broken and all seek shelter from the Outlaws arrows. Daffyd quietly urges his fighters deeper into the forest to safety. Though he led bravely, he's sickened by this terrible bloodshed .
MOC 3 IMAGE. Out of danger . The Outlaws have retreated into the forest and take a short break to recover their breath. Three or four stand guard with arrows knocked ready . The battle just fought was brutally short but deadly . Daffyd has a bad headache and rests his head in Merriams lap. I made some stupid mistakes Merri. I lead our fighters badly badly, I..." "Hush Daff. You've just saved three Outlaws and nobody's been killed. Be quiet and rest now. " The Outlaws heard this hushed conversation but all disagreed with Daffyd's view. They know he led bravely, skilfully. No battle is perfect and they have survived . Yet each has faced possible death today. Each one reflects quietly in the heavy stillness of this leafy forest glade. Who know what the next day...the next hour or minute will bring ?
Daffyd ap Owen
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