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Fire Dance

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Fire Dance

Postby OverLoad » Sat Dec 14, 2013 7:27 pm

Fire Dance by GrayOverload, on Flickr

A monstrous shaking and grumbling rang out in the keep of Rheadon. The foremost tower shook with unnatural convulsions. Enough force was applied to wake Philip, who rolled out of his cot, visibly disturbed.

“What the- ugh. How am I supposed to sleep with such disturbances?” Philip wondered aloud. His watch was in three hours’ time, he needed the sleep in order to stay alert.

Philip’s watch would be one of many in the area surrounding the border between the Falcon Kingdom and the Southern Lion Kingdom. Although separated by the Falcon’s Talons ridge of mountains, the two kingdoms had been enemies for centuries. Rheadon was one of many forts built along the edge of the mountains. The only pass between the two kingdoms, however, was in the clutches of the Falcon Kingdom.

Philip stumbled up the stairs, fastening his tabard to himself as well as donning his helmet. He could hear screams and shouts on the ramparts above him. Oh great, Philip thought. I guess I’m not going to be sleeping at all tonight.

As he stepped up to the battlement, he saw Edward and Jon peering into the mountains. Although it was evening, the sky was as bright as midday. Rubbing the sleep from his tired eyes, Philip looked up and beheld a sight that left him speechless.

The entirety of the Falcon’s Talons was engulfed in crimson flames that danced across the horizon. The air was tick with heat and soot that drifted onto the cold stone crenellations.

All about Philip, the shouting and panic grew as more sentries crawled out of the barracks, intent on seeing the commotion for themselves.

He tuned into Jon’s screams to send a messenger to the king. No one save Philip paid him any heed. The hysteria was too concerned on the dancing blaze that dared to lick at the vast panorama of the sky.

As he turned to dispatch a messenger, Philip stumbled, the enormous weight of the disaster finally setting in. May the Gods help them, Philip thought, For I fear no human force can.

This chapter is set on the Southern Continent, which lies south, beyond the Glass Sea, of the Middle Continent. So, it seems the source of the strange happenings all over the Nortlen has come from within the reclusive Falcon Kingdom. But what, exactly, is it? ;) Next chapter will deal with that, and more! C&C welcome!
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