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CCCXV: Chicken Run

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CCCXV: Chicken Run

Postby Quarktaart » Sun Dec 31, 2017 8:12 pm

It's a longstanding tradition for the younger kids in the village to play a game of Chicken Run on the first day of spring. The games aim is simple; the first one to get the chicken wins. Each player starts on one of the red plates near the dog shed, while the chicken starts at the yellow plate in the field near the small river. The players take turns rolling the die. On a 1 or a 2, the player can move 1 or 2 plates over. On a red, the player transports immediately to a red plate of his/her choosing. On a yellow, the chicken runs away to a yellow plate of the players choosing. Players can enter the dog shed from two sides. Entering the shed ends that players turn, but gives control of the dog to that player for two turns. Controlling the dog, means the player can move twice as far as normally thrown. So a 1 becomes a 2 and a 2 becomes a 4. After these two turns, the dog becomes bored and returns to his shed. Have fun.
Chicken Run by Quarktaart, on Flickr
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