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CCC XVI: Forest Lair - Alistair's Forest Lair

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CCC XVI: Forest Lair - Alistair's Forest Lair

Postby MKJoshA » Mon Dec 17, 2018 3:56 pm

My 3rd entry for the CCC:


Not everyone who lives in Mitgardia is a law abiding citizen. Certain denizens call the frozen north of Historica their home, but they choose to live hidden away. Alistair's band of Minotaurs is one such group.


They prey on local farmers throughout the area, seizing crops and releasing livestock. Many Minotaurs have come to accept that cattle can be used as beasts of burden without insulting the Minotaur race, but Alistair wants better for the animals that share such resemblance with his kind.


They have made their home in a large cave about 20 miles outside Dalig Ulv. There they plan their next ventures.

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