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CCC XVI: Black Falcon Stables

PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:38 pm
by soccerkid6
Here is my 13th entry for the Colossal Castle Contest XVI. For my second entry in the Classic Castle category I decided to go with a truly classic approach – maintaining a very similar style to the castle sets of the 80s, with just a few more tiles. I was surprised by how time consuming it was to build in that simplistic style, and am especially pleased with the yellow and black tudor portion I based off of the old printed wall element from Black Falcon’s Fortress. The tower is hinged off the wall, and the tudor guardhouse has a hinging portion to allow access to the interior.

Set #6062 Battering Ram was the first castle set John and I ever got (no we’re not that old, we got it second hand), so Black Falcons have always been extra special to us. Building this brought back a lot of fond memories of playing with that old set.
More images available on Brickbuilt: [url][/url]
Thanks for looking :)