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CCCXVII Dragons Arena

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CCCXVII Dragons Arena

Postby Piglet » Tue Dec 31, 2019 2:17 pm


This is my entry for CCC XVII

Dragons Arena - Dress Rehearsal

Image by Ciamosław Ciamek, on Flickr

The Dragons Arena is a city theater / opera in which dragons play part of the roles.
The MOC presents a quarter of the Arena building with a main entrance and an honorary lodge.
We are currently seeing a rehearsal of the scene where the evil dragon attacks the castle and the village.
Unfortunately, something went wrong and the main actor accidentally breathed too much fire and set the scenography on fire.
(Was the dragon full of Mexican food? Or was it a malicious witch involved in it?)
Fortunately, the arena is secured by a team of firemen.
Above the arena there are spectator platforms and below it there are dragon quarters.
In one of them you can find a young dragon mom with dragon baby.
There is a ticket office in front of the entrance and you can get there a toy dragon as a gift.
Above the arena there is a tower, on top of which there is a stop of the dragon express (the passenger is already waiting for the next flight).

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