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Brikwars scenario by Green Alien

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Brikwars scenario by Green Alien

Postby Bruce N H » Mon Jan 19, 2004 9:46 pm

Hi all,

I don't know if Green Alien posts here (I still don't know Brickshelf nicknames since they stopped posting real names), but check out this castle ruin for a Brickwars game:

The castle is cool, but what really impressed me was the trees. I've never seen someone use plates that way to make trees. IMO I think this looks much better than trees built of bricks. Anthony, you should add this image to your "making trees" article. I'd like to see some fall foliage done this way as well. Now I'm a little bummed about how I made my Lothlorien mallorn trees:
because they look all spindly by comparison.

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Bruce N H
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Postby groovyd2001 » Tue Jan 20, 2004 12:23 am

I can tell alot of work was put into it.
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Postby Mr. D » Tue Jan 20, 2004 4:16 pm

Amazing! Your right, the trees are great! I like "ruined" it looks.
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Postby Dan_BL » Tue Jan 20, 2004 7:04 pm

Amazing! I seem to find new kinds of trees and ways of making them all the time. Lets see what we have here:

Well we have the ones we just saw:

The autumn ones that were at the MONLug this past Nov.:

Shaun Sullivan's deciduous trees: (I made a couple)

Someone made a wizard tower with birch trees...they were nice. Also....someone here I believe I saw an apple tree made out of a 1x1 round brick (base), a lance (wood of tree) a few green plant/tree pieces as well as about 7 or 8 1x1 red round plates.

I wonder if I'll ever stop copying and make some of my own nifty trees........:roll:
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Postby The Shadow Knight » Thu Jul 05, 2007 5:09 pm

Perfect for brickwars!
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Postby Spongey » Thu Jul 05, 2007 5:58 pm

Shadow Knight, although you want to post your thoughts, please stop digging up such old threads. Doing this pushes newer, more relevant MOCs further down the list in the forum, and they may be missed and not commented upon.
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