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Colossal Castle Contest - Winning Entries!

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Colossal Castle Contest - Winning Entries!

Postby architect » Sat Feb 07, 2004 6:50 am

Congratulations to all of the winners in the Colossal Castle Contest I! Your creations show the finest that Classic Castle has to offer. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. We were pleasantly suprised at the large quantity and very high quality of entries.

The scores were very close so we have provided an Honorable Mention for the top five entries in each category that did not win. Please contact Lenny Hoffman or myself if you have won a category so we can ship out the prizes!

Please leave your comments on the winning entries, the honorable mentions, and general feedback about the contest. Thanks!

The CC Team
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Baron von Ellermann
Baron von Ellermann
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Postby J1A3L5 » Sat Feb 07, 2004 6:57 am

Well I think first we should thank you and the other admins for making it all possible. Thanks, you guys are awesome.
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Postby cheez11111 » Sat Feb 07, 2004 7:00 am

Congrats to all the winners. Judges did a great job picking the winners.
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Gong Farmer
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Postby stuifzand » Sat Feb 07, 2004 7:46 am

First I want to say a big thankyou to the for having this contest! So, Thank You! :D
I was pleasantly surprised to see my entry on the frontpage a few weeks ago (of course I made a screendump instantly ;)) so that was enough for me already :D
Winning the miscelaneous-category gives me a great feeling since there were many great entries.
I'm going to smile all day I think :D

Keep up the good work, and the tradition, as I hope there will be another contest next year!
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Postby Mr. D » Sat Feb 07, 2004 1:21 pm

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Postby LEGOFREAK » Sat Feb 07, 2004 10:56 pm

I just want to say thanks to the admins for judging our entries, and thanks especially to the other entrants. I learned something new from each and every entry. A whole slew of tricks and techniques, and new ways to look at things. :D
This has been the most fun thing I have gotten to do with Lego.
:lol: I can't wait for CCCII :D

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noy dna rehtih
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Postby Mookie » Sat Feb 07, 2004 11:09 pm

I have to admit I was actually quite taken back when I saw my entry on the winning page. There were so many great entries for the category's.

Thanks guys and gals! (hopefully I'm not the only one!) I know I've been smiling all day since I found out!

this is just too cool!!

who also can't wait for CCCII :P
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Postby akochan » Sat Feb 07, 2004 11:27 pm

Congratulations to all you winners. And thank you judges for my honourable mention (BTW you spelled Sir Sit :P )

Soo many good entries... so many good ideas and inspiration for all of our building. (which I may be incorrect but I think was one of the points... *scritch* *scritch*)

Here's to the winners *raises a glass of barley wine*

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Postby shaggie » Sun Feb 08, 2004 2:30 pm


I'd like to thank the admins for having this contest and to other participants; it was a tough competition. I'm proud to be honorably mentioned, especially that my contest entries were actually my first Castle MOCs after Dark Ages. And I'm proud I was the only representative of my country.

I've uploaded more images of my creations:

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Postby Mr. D » Sun Feb 08, 2004 6:08 pm

Thanks for the extra pics. One suggestion; I haven't tried this yet, but you might want to only have three tan 1/4 round fences to look like it's sunk down in the water. One problem with this is the 2x plates that you put on the outside don't lend themselves to this very well.

Mr. D
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Mr. D
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Postby Stephen » Sun Feb 08, 2004 7:05 pm

I too wish to thank the Classic Castle admins for their hard work and dedication in putting on this contest. Just getting all the entries online must have been a monumental task, not to mention judging them all!

I also wish to express my admiration to all the people who entered the contest. There were lots of great ideas. The level of creativity around here is awe inspiring. The judges must have had a very hard time narrowing it down to just a few winners.

And I wish to congratulate all the winners, and honorable mentions, and everyone who entered. You all have a right to be proud of yourselves.

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Postby Glencaer » Sun Feb 08, 2004 11:45 pm

Just a note from me: many of the entries into this contest were jaw-dropping. That we only had one winner per category felt like a travesty.

I'm very happy that one of the contest winners, Bruce N H's Seige Tower, will be shown at BrickFest PDX - which is very cool, imho.

To put this all into context, after looking at all the entries, I can tell you right now that I would have not won a thing. And Ben wouldn't have either. Just amazing stuff!

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Marquis d'Krakhed
Marquis d'Krakhed
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Postby jb » Mon Feb 09, 2004 12:15 am

I would like to add my thanks to the admins for setting up and judging the contest. Thank you!!!

The best part by far was seeing all of the awesone mocs. I can't wait for the next contest to see even more great mocs! Keep up the great building everyone.

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CCC competition

Postby Magnus » Mon Feb 09, 2004 3:35 am

Thanks to the organizers for initiating this, and to everyone who participated. And congrats of course to all the winners.
Is there any link site we can go to to view all the CCC contest entries.

I feel slightly bad not having eneterd anything myself, but all my efforts right now are channeled into building a large castle MOC which I will hopefully have finished by BF 2004 here in VA in the summer.

While I don't see myself building all that much in the CCC standard, because I find it to be too small a scale, I think it's a great way to stimulate community castle projects for various sorts of conventions. I will likely be one of the castle room organizers at BF, and look forward to see what a full-blown CCC display will be like "in the flesh". Hopefully by that time I'll also have created something of my own to contribute to a more communal project.
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Postby Jojo » Mon Feb 09, 2004 3:45 pm


My congratulations to everybody who was chosen a winner, and my thanks to everybody who has sent in an entry!


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