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Miora-Second Part

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Miora-Second Part

Postby Blue Head » Sat May 31, 2008 3:11 am

This is the second part of the "Fight for Miora". It should be shorter than the last story, which you probably want to read before this so that you can get all the confusing names under your belt :wink:. Thank all of you who read all of this for your time, by the way. I know it's a lot to read.


Decades after the formation of the Rebellion, and many more years after the Great War, Aima began to decline into evils, that pained the eyes of Theos. The Queen of Humanity was still captured, held captive in the Broken Wall Mountains that separated the east from the west.

Many heroes traveled to the caves of the banshees that held her, but all died, or were captured to suffer the same fate as the Queen. Most had been dwarves, or humans who though of themselves as undefeatable to any enemy; all died. Theos saw all these things, and wept, for he loved the Queen, and all her people, but she suffered torture every day of lightless life. Because he knew no mortal or immortal being under his creation could defeat the banshees, he gathered himself to destroy the torturers of his love.

Humbling himself, he took the appearance, and mindset of a man, and was born to a human family in Aima that held a belief in Theos. There he was raised, and without falling into the sick customs of the Aimians, keeping the knowledge of the love he held deep in his heart.

Soon, the time came for Theos to set forth to the Broken Wall Mountains, and rescue his bride. He traversed across the Hills of Towers, just west of Aima, and then headed north, parallel to the mountains.

Corenth, however, had been warned by his spies of the plans of Theos, and worked to defeat his plan through temptation and battle. He first sent a vulture, named Senz, to keep him from the towering mountains, but his beak was not sharp enough to defeat his own creator. Though Theos didn’t kill Senz, the vulture was forever changed by the light emitted from the sword of the humanized king.

Corenth’s next attempt at a victory was to tempt Theos to forget his plan, and return to his throne in the forest. The dragon’s words were the craftiest that could be heard on Miora, but Theos’ mind was sharp, and his tongue was wise. The dragon was overcome with the wisdom, and praised Theos as the one true king.

As Theos neared the caves, and was close to the last leg of his journey, Corenth began his last, desperate plan. He appeared to the human Theos, and fought him atop a tower in the Hills of Towers. The battle was fierce, and Theos could have lost, had it not been for the remembrance of the reason behind the mission. Corenth was defeated, and thrown from the hill, where he retreated back to Kolasi, land of the goblins.

And so Theos continued into the dark caves, finding both the banshees and the Queen. In those caves, much happened that many can’t recall to this day, save for Theos. In the darkness, Theos fought for all of humanity. The banshees didn’t falter, as Theos was human, and not in his Elf King form. Finally, as all hope faded, and the darkness of the cave became it’s darkest, Theos took an arrow of love from his quiver. Saying words of ancient magic, he took the banshees captive in his human heart, where nothing evil had yet touched, and into his heart he drove the arrow of love, to kill the banshees, and save his love.

All the captives, at the death of the banshees, were set free, and no longer had chains that held them down. Led by the Queen of Humanity, they fled down the mountain slope, past the Hills of Towers, and into Aima, where news of Theos’ great act was told and retold. The Queen was set back onto her throne, and began her rule again, under the supervision of the Risen King, Theos, who, dying in his physical form, come back as an elf king once again, to rule with love.

The rebellion that had separated after the Great War, seeing the new state of Aima, rejoined the union under the banner of Theos: the banner of the arrow of love, and the scar of his love for the humans.

Still, though, Corenth lived on, and continued his plans in Kolasi. His evil campaign had almost ended with the human support for Theos, but all was not over.
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