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Yes, another one of these...(castle history)

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Yes, another one of these...(castle history)

Postby Green Fox » Sun Jun 27, 2004 7:50 am

This is one of those "castle history stories". Enjoy!

In the beginning, good king "Yellowcastle" brought peace to all Legoland by building his castle. In the 12 years he ruled, all the land was peaceful. The king's first wife bore him a son, and then died. The King was distraught, but married again, and had another five sons before his death. The firstborn son, Roland the Lion, was always the king's favourite, and he ascended to the throne. His best friend, Reginald the cross-axe, was made the king's advisor, and the other sons, Helmut "the black", Robin, Reynald and the enigmatic Hezrog were made governors of one of the provinces. But Helmut was jealous of this, and snuck into Roland's castle with poisoned kinves, with al intent to kill him. He instead killed Reginald. Roland, finding the body, picked up Reginald's Blood-stained cape and swore not to rest until he found the killer. The cross-axe and tle lion armies joined together to form the Crusaders. Helmut, by a ruse, convinced Roland that it was Hezrog who was the murderer, and Hezrog was banished. Robin, sensing the tension, retreated to the forest and fortified it, while Reynald retreated to his fortress and built an army. The next year, civil war broke out. the black knights were defeated, and Helmut was banished, his castle left to ruin, which was was looted by hezrog's new order, the Wolfpack. Roland and Reynald united after the battle, and peace came again. But their sons were not so fond of each other, and Reynald's son went to Majisto the sage, and with his help, managed to control the flying lizards that lived in the caves across the land. Assuming the title of "Dragon master", he led an attack on Roland's son Leo, and this battle still rages on. Robin's empire in the forest came to an end soon after, as a civil war split the empire in two, and the new "dark forest" army fought Robin's men until both sides were too depleted to fight or even maintain their empire and keep it from the mysterious Bull army...

More soon...
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