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Wizard Birth-Eastern Mythology

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Wizard Birth-Eastern Mythology

Postby brciktw » Thu Apr 22, 2010 10:55 am

The chromed forces are leaded by the Huangdi already on the market around two months, and luckily have the lively response. Now we will introduce new color tones accessories which input strong oriental fairy tale to add to the mix, so that the original parts group with a variety of room for imagination.

Zhu Rong (祝融) (Pinyin: Zhù Róng; wg:Chu-jung, Chu Jung or Chu-jong) is the Chinese god of fire and ruler of the southern hemisphere from pre-Qinmythology. He is depicted as a proud man clad in armor wielding a sword and riding on a large tiger. He was one of the gods that helped separate Heaven and Earth and set up Universal Order.
Fire Wizard

The four Dragon Kings (龙王; pinyin: Lóng Wáng)are, in Chinese mythology, the divine rulers of the four seas (each sea corresponds to one of the cardinal directions). Although Dragon Kings appear in their true forms as dragons, they have the ability to shapeshift into human form. The Dragon Kings live in crystal palaces, guarded by shrimp soldiers and crab generals.
Besides ruling over the aquatic life, the Dragon Kings also manipulate clouds and rain. When enraged, they can flood cities. According to The Short Stories on the Tang People (唐人傳奇Tangren Chuanqi), the Qian Tang Dragon King did just that when he found out his niece had been abused by her husband.
Sea Wizard

In China, every village[citation needed]had a shrine to Tu Di Gong. It was this deity who was in charge of administering the affairs of a particular village. In traditional times, village concerns were primarily agricultural or weather-related. This god was not all-powerful, but was a modest heavenlybureaucrat to whom individual villagers could turn in times of drought or famine.
Today, he is still worshiped by most Chinese, with many housing small shrines with his image, commonly located under the main altar, or below the house door. Many worshipers make prayers to him for wealth and their well being. He is also traditionally worshiped before the burial of a loved one, to thank him for using his land to return their loved one to the earth.
Earth Wizaed

Gong Gong (Chinese: 共工)is a Chinese water god who is responsible for the great floods, together with his associate, Xiang Yao (Chinese: 相繇), who has nine heads and the body of a snake. In Chinese mythology, Gong Gong was ashamed that he lost the fight with Zhu Rong, the Chinese god of fire, to claim the throne of Heaven and in a fit of rage he smashed his head against Buzhou Mountain (不周山), a pillar holding up the sky. The pillar suffered great damage and caused the sky to tilt towards the northwest and the earth to shift to the southeast. This also created the tilt of the earth. This caused great floods and suffering to the people. Nüwa (女媧), an important and benevolent goddess, cut off the legs of a giant tortoise and used them to supplant the fallen pillar and alleviate the situation, but she was unable to fully correct the tilted sky. This explains the phenomenon that sun, moon, and stars move towards the northwest, and that rivers in China flow southeast into the Pacific Ocean.
Wind Wizard

Green Jade
White Jade
We are a hobbyist for Oriental history. For each dynasty and myth are quite fascinated. For the purpose of fanaticism, I transform the historical relics into as BrickTW, so that everyone can take part in Eastern culture changes.
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Re: Wizard Birth-Eastern Mythology

Postby JPinoy » Fri Jun 04, 2010 12:21 pm

Nice story... I like how you have elements from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" with the different elements.
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