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Prentika: The Line of Kings

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Prentika: The Line of Kings

Postby King of the West » Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:43 pm

This is my first completed LEGO Castle project since War of the West, and is set in the same world, with a couple of timeline tweaks and one name change.

The First King of Prentika
King Lei- Son of Leo, son of Jayko, son of Mathias- 1003-1037

King Oren- known to many as the thunder-bringer- 1037-1070

King Leor Thunder-bringer- 1070-1099


King Leron Thunder-bringer- 1200-1231

King Lejam Thunder-bringer- 1231-1251

King Leron Thunder-bringer II- 1251-1276

King Leor Thunder-bringer II- 1276-1280

King Leron Thunder-bringer III-1280-1290

King Lejam Thunder-bringer II-1290-1301

King Lejam Thunder-bringer III-1301-1315

King Leron Thunder-bringer IV-1315-1340

King Leor Thunder Bringer IV- Marries Queen Eliz of the Horse-riders-1340-1371


King James Thunder-Rider- 1371-1392

King Jon Thunder-Rider-1392-1410

King Richard Thunder-Rider- 1410-1417

King James Thunder-Rider II- 1417-1440


King Samuel Thunder-Rider (dies with no son)-1440-1445

King Gleon Ironclad Thunder-bringer, descendant of Lejam II (dies with no son)-1445

King Carmine Thunder, descendant of Leron IV (no male heir)-1445-1478


Queen Mary Thunder marries Prince Henry Lionheart 1478-1510

King James Lionheart- 1510-1550

King Carmine Lionheart II- 1550-1582

King Henry Lionheart- 1582- 1621

King George Lionheart- 1621- 1667

King James Lionheart II (no male hier)- 1667-1701

Queen Elizabeth Lionheart marries Prince John Falcon- 1701- 1733

King James Falcon II- 1733-1754

King Carmine Falcon II- 1754-1785

King Henry Falcon (Beheaded by the revolution, no heir)-1785-1789


No king for the next fifty-seven years

Several of the nobility manage to build up armies, claiming to be the heirs to the throne due to their noble blood.


“King” Carmine Lionheart is victorious- 1846- 1872

“King” Leo Lionheart- 1872- 1901

“King” James Lionheart- 1901-1922

“King” Jayko Lionheart- 1922-1957

In 1957, King Jonathon Thunder, descendant of Leron IV, born in Australia in the year 1909, led a revolution against the false tyrant kings. He was, against his wishes and by public election, made King of Prentika and Emperor of the Western Empire. His first rule was from 1957- 1986. In this year, he vanished, leaving Prentika kingless.

He returned in 2003, revealing that he had found the fountain of life with his old friend, Pippin Reed, where they had rescued Professor Charles Kilroy (of the Australian Museum of Natural History). In the process, all three had gained immortality, and traveled the world for some time before returning home. Johnny married Pippin Reed in 2007, making her the queen of Prentika. Their rule was interrupted for the year of 2009, due to the Makuta crisis. However, in December of that year, he resolved the crisis by recovering the Makuta energy and containing it within a volunteer. In 2010, he declared Kilroy the royal historian and announced the creation of the Royal museum, in addition to restoring the historical areas of Prentika and reestablishing the outposts along the forest perimeter. Under his leadership, the space program also launched the HMS Unity, HMS Duty, and HMS Destiny. He is currently overseeing the construction of the Royal Museum, the restoration of the historic Railway Line, the replanting of the forest, and giving generous donations towards the work on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the reconstruction of Gotham City, and the Crushion Spaceport and moonbase. The King has taken up residence in the historical section for now, while work is put into adding a private chamber for him in the museum, where he claims he shall feel “Far more at home.”

Hopefully this shall be the basis for several more stories set in the kingdom of Prentika and the Western Empire.
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Re: Prentika: The Line of Kings

Postby Tower of Iron Will » Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:42 am

So, your stories will span from a Castle setting to Town then Space? Kind of different and sounds ambitious. Your timeline looks interesting enough, have you started to add stories to the individual rulers yet?
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