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How are Relations in your Castle World

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How are Relations in your Castle World

Postby SPACE MARINE » Sat Nov 13, 2010 7:28 pm

As stated, which states are allied, which ones are enemies, if good and evil play in how so?

Here's how myn would look if all the existing factions of my world were present in a form of decent size:

Black Falcons (good) allied with: Black Knights/Monarchs (good)

Black Knights/Monarchs are also with the Dragon Masters (Neutral) because the man who overthrew Majisto is the Black Monarch's brother.

This Confederation is all under Lord Falcon, who answers only to the Over-Ones and the Council of Mages. This confederation is known as the Winged Federation.
All the Lion Knights(Good) are one kingdom, allied only with the Wood Lords (neutral/good), often at odds with the Winged Federation.

The Paladins (crownies) (good) are allied with the Winged Federation and the Templar, kinda the Templar's offensive branch

The Necromancer's forces (hive mind-evil) are close with the Orcs (evil), and the Marauders of Moor (evil)

The Council of Mages (Good) are allied with the Forestmen (Good), and the state of Yellowberg (classic)(neutral) all good and most neutral groups answer to the Council.

The Wolf-Pack (Evil) is like a mafia type group, serving no interests but their own

The Bull Barbarians (Evil) are a band of roving mercenaries, allied to whoever has the most cash.

UPDATE BEGINS:Templar (Good) a group of knights devoted to protecting the monotheistic religion (I created something about how this dimension they are in is another place created by the God of Christians and Jews, but I won't get into that) and the monks and temples

The Forester's Guild (good) a guild of lumberjacks, hunters, and explorers who have banded together

Wood Lords (neutral/Good) a village of brave, hardy frontiersmen, who are on the verge of unexplored lands, nestled away in the vale between the Marauder's Mountains and the Forsaken Forest, home of the demons, a place of strong necromantic power, supposedly the 7 hells are at the center, and this is the one place in that world where God will not go

Demons (EVIL) a force of the worst, most horrid beasts ever to walk the world, near largest populace of the 7 hells, second only to the un-repenting sinners, they seek to draw the whole world into the 7 hells, and will be a chief force of evil at the great battle upon the plains of Armageddon

Elves (good) A fair, long-lived race of warriors, white mages, and philosophers

Night Elves (good) Elves who were scarred but not made evil, by 5 millennia of enslavement to the demons, mainly black mages and poets:UPDATE ENDS.

There are various neutral, small hamlets.

That's just how alliances in one of my worlds plays out, what's it like in yours?

The other one is just Merry Old Legoland (everyone is good, except invading foreigners):

The BF and BK are allies

The Lions are lonely

All under the rule of Crownies

Bandits are Merry Folk who take care of the forest and rob evil, corrupt dukes

All the "Classic" (to me) Factions+ crownies (basically who I listed + generic knights+ crownies) are friends who only have minor, non-lethal conflicts.
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Re: How are Relations in your Castle World

Postby Shadowviking » Sun Nov 14, 2010 4:32 pm

Well, Sven is related to Ingrid on his mother's side, and to Bjorn on his father's side, but only as cousins for both. He's distantly related to King Olaf through a common ancestor...
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Re: How are Relations in your Castle World

Postby SPACE MARINE » Sun Nov 14, 2010 5:48 pm

:oops: Maybe I should be more specific, in your Lego castle world, who is allied, and who is not, what does the political playground look like.
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Re: How are Relations in your Castle World

Postby Frank_Lloyd_Knight » Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:16 am

Not too long ago I laid out all the minifigures I had on a table, and took a sort of census. I can't seem to touch Legos or build anything at all without stories forming in my head and this is what evolved as I was grouping the minifigs together. The ideas were sort of inspired by everything from Terry Pratchett to Doctor Who to actual history... --and geography. I wrote out a description of the relationship among all the minifigures in response to a similar question posted in this forum earlier... ^link above^

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Re: How are Relations in your Castle World

Postby Baron Greenbriar » Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:10 am

Shadowviking wrote:Well, Sven is related to Ingrid on his mother's side, and to Bjorn on his father's side, but only as cousins for both. He's distantly related to King Olaf through a common ancestor...

:lol: Sven is actually related to my father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate. What a coincidence!
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Re: How are Relations in your Castle World

Postby Velliscig » Wed Dec 01, 2010 7:50 am

Ooooh, I'd love to post the politics of my medieval fantasy world, but the storyline isn't quite finished and I believe it would take a large word document to capture the gist of it...

I don't run my world off of the traditional factions, but of my own. I shall give a brief description of it soon, but not this moment, as it is a bit late for me to be still awake. *yawn* Really though, we ought to all just combine our castle worlds together and create a gigantic one you know... It's difficult to build an entire world of people and castles and houses and soldiers and trees and mountains and oceans and ships and... you get the point!
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Re: How are Relations in your Castle World

Postby Heir of Black Falcon » Fri Dec 03, 2010 11:32 pm

Hmmmm. I have way more factions than those that are made by TLC. I will include them as without them it does not looks right as there would be big holes in my Lego Kingdom. This is a bit cut down as otherwise it would be pages and pages long.

Black Falcon- The Kingdom of Anden. Good. Half-elves. Wealthy. Many of the humans's of Anden were originally from Almos. Always at war with Orcs/Trolls, at times with Almos. Friends- Radiant Sea Kingdom, Stormkeep, High King.

Lion Knights- Kingdom of Almos. Good. Human. Wealthy. Several larger lordships create Kingdom. Always at war with Trolls/Orcs, sometimes Black Monarch, often at war with the Kingdom of the Radiant Sea and less often Anden. Somewhat independent realms inside borders- the Duke of Olmos (KKI) and the Count of the East March (New Lion Knights).

Black Knights- Kingdom of the Great North Wood. Evil/Neutral. Moderately Wealthy. Formerly part of the Kingdom of Almos. Duke exiled after trying to take the throne of Almo. Lost all of the Country of the North March for treason. Received lands from the Lord of the Black Knights. First exiled Duke became the Black Monarch.

Forest men- Wood Elves. Good. Elves. Moderately Poor. At war with Almos at times. Usually at war with men of Black Rock.

Custom- High Elves. Good. Elves. Wealthy. At war with kingdom of Southlann and Black Rock

Dragon Masters- Realm of Darthon. Evil. Human. Moderately Poor. Former Mage of Black Monarch, splintered away and took the mountains of fear as his home.

Wolf Pack. Men of Black Rock. Nuetral. Human. Moderately Wealthy. Mostly survivors of the Plains people that were thoroughly destroyed in the wars of the Black Tower, though rebels from many factions find their way here, especially exiled barbarians. At war with Elves, Kingdom of Radiant Sea and Kingdom of Almos.

Fright Knights- Dark Witch. Evil. Moderately Wealthy. Human/Undead. At war with High King

Skellies- Necromancer. Evil. Undead. Moderately Poor. At war with High King and at times Kingdom of Almos

Crownies- Kingdom of the Radiant Sea. Good. Extraordinarily Wealthy. War often with Almos. Friends of High King, Stormkeep, elves and dwarves. Protect Halflings

Dwarves. –Dwarf Kingdom of Hurain. Good. Dwarves. Extraordinarily Wealthy. Friend to High King. Often at War with Black Monarch and orcs

Trolls- Orcs of the Screaming Skull. Evil. Orc. Moderately Poor. The largest of the Orc Kingdoms, in truth they are almost completely rural and tribal. Often at war with Northmen, Radiant Sea, Stormkeep, Almos and Anden

Big/Large Trolls (What a dumb name)- Trolls/no formal kingdom. Evil. Troll Kind. Tribal system.

Custom- Orcs of the Red Moon. Neutral Evil. Orc. Wealthy. Largest and smartest of the orc kind. They are in treaty of peace and have an oath of fealty to the High King.

Custom- Goblins of the Blood Arrow. Evil. Orc. Poor. Smallest and swiftest of the orc kind. Just make war on anyone and everything. Usually prefer to fight from shadows.

Custom- Half-Orc Lands. Neutral Evil. Orc/human. Moderately poor. Made peace with High King

Scorpion Knights- Crimson Knights and Guards. Evil. Immortals. Moderately Wealthy. Bulk of the army of the Lord of the Black Knights. At war with High King

Custom- Black Knights and Mages. Evil. Immortals. Extraordinarily Wealthy. Primary force of Lord of the Black Knights. At war with High King

Custom- White/Gold Knights and Mages. Good. Immortals. Extraordinarily Wealthy. Army of the High King. At war withLord of the Black Knights

Custom- Men of Stormkeep. Good. Human. Extraordinarily Wealthy. Friends to High King, Radiant Sea, dwarves, halflings, elves

Custom- Barbarians. Neutral. Human. Moderately poor.

Vikings- Barbarian kingdom of Isgoth. Human. Moderately wealthy.

Custom- Realm of the Northmen. Neutral. Human. Moderately Wealthy.

Custom- Realm of the Eastern Forest. Good. Half-elf. Moderately Wealthy.

Custom- Halfling Isles. Good. Halfling. Moderately Poor.

KKII (red)/custom- Men of Stone Mountain. Neutral. Human. Moderately wealthy.

Custom- Southlann Kingdom. Neutral. Human. Wealthy.

Pirates- Pirates. Neutral. Human and others. Moderately wealthy.

So I have a few factions. Most are fairly small, and I have a few other more random groups but here is the bulk of them.

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Re: How are Relations in your Castle World

Postby Velliscig » Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:08 pm

A few, indeed. To get the people and soldiers needed for all those factions would take thousands of minifigs.
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Re: How are Relations in your Castle World

Postby SPACE MARINE » Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:43 pm

I have updated this info, it now includes my custom factions.
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Re: How are Relations in your Castle World

Postby Formendacil » Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:04 pm

I keep thinking "oh, this is a nice big topic to wax long-winded over"... and then realise that I don't precisely know what "my" Castle world is. Is it the Castle world reflected in Grandfather's Tale? Is it the way they fit together in my childhood Lego stories--partially rewritten in past years for personal pleasure? Or is it the way they get played with... or would if I ever did that anymore? Insofar as these "worlds" do not quite overlap, it's a bit of a question.

So... bear in mind that what you are about to read is merely the variant I am most content with.

ROYAL LION REALM: Royal Knights, KK1, KK2, and Kingdoms: four kingdoms (with various semi-independent lordships, especially in Morcia, the southern realm) under one High King (the Royal Knight king, for nostalgia reasons). Occasionally riven by civil war, more often endangered by outside forces, especially the Fright Knights and Dragon Masters. The Bull Knight mercenaries are based in the north kingdom (KK1), and are variously servants of the Crown, or enemies, as the money-trail indicates.

LIONDOM: Classic Lion Knights even older classic figs, including their erstwhile vassals, the Black Falcons. Liondom was the oldest Lion-bearing realm, but lost the title of High King to the Royal Knights, but became independent soon after. Liondom includes the largest portion of the Dark Forest (which also goes into the Black Knight realm and the Royal Lion realm), and are often at odds with the Forestmen who live there. In addition to the Forestmen, the Lions are often at war with the Black Falcons and/or Black Knights. Their king is the "prince" with the original jousting set, and his royal guard are the Crown Knights of the Yellow Castle. The various Lion and Falcon barons exert considerable power.

BLACK KNIGHTS: Under the rule of the Black Monarch, including the Kingdoms Dragon Knights, the Black Knights are the rivals of Liondom, and have often supported the Black Falcons in making trouble. Their west marches nominally include the Dragon Masters, but these wilder warriors listen only to Majisto, the most powerful mage in the Castle realms, and are essentially independent. The Wolfpack mercenaries are based on an offshore island in this realm, and are NOT in good standing with the Black Monarch.

CROWNIES: Located across the straights from the other Castle realms, this powerful and militaristic realm faces perpetual war with the undead skeletons of the Sorcerer-King, and with the trolls native to their northern mountains. Originally a Dwarf-realm, humans have been dominant for several hundred years, originally imported/hired to fight the skeletons.

DRAGON MASTERS: Mostly independent Black Knights under the command of Majisto, and typically enemies of the Royal Lion Kingodm.

FRIGHT KNIGHTS: Clans related to the Dragon Masters, but farther south (along the Royal Knight border), often at war with the Royal Knights.

SHADOW KNIGHTS: Fright Knight/Morcian interbred nation, small, but independent because of its easily defended mountain position. Often allied with the Fright Knights against the Royal Lions.

VIKINGS: Noble but barbaric raiders who live on the coasts west of the skeleton lands, and north of the Crownies. They raid the Black Knight, Crownie, and Royal Lion coasts.
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Re: How are Relations in your Castle World

Postby J_MAN » Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:12 am

My story and back ground is still in the making. However, here is some first thoughts.

Good - Lion Knights/Crusaders, Black Falcons, and Crownies.
Bad - Black Knights, Dragon Masters, Orcs, and Skeletons.
Neutral - Forestmen and Wolfpack

However all this could change. I'll post more details when I get my thoughts (and mini-figs) sorted.
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Re: How are Relations in your Castle World

Postby Elbadar » Fri Dec 31, 2010 10:38 pm

Ooh finaly, an excuse to write this stuff down. I'm gonna seperate it into a few categories so it is easier to understand.

The Kingdoms of the Triumvirate of Kings:

Classic Lions=The Cenian Empire (also called Ceneth). Once the world's largest empire, they collapsed following The War of Three Empires and were only able to retain there ancestral homeland with great difficulty. In recent years they have experienced something of a ressurgence, and have Fought successful wars against The Bergen Empire, The Camtaran Empire, and The Kingdom of Faldreth respectively. They are currently ruled by the capable young emporor Braedus II, and the future looks bright for Ceneth. They are allied with the kingdoms of Rygon, Valkaria, Assriah, Lethlen, Cenemia, and Examay, as well as the Nithane Empire. They are enemies with the Necromancers, Wolfpack, and The Orcs of Sharjia. They are based on what if the Roman Empire had retained Italy and lived until 1000 A.D.

Royal Knights and Kingdoms Lions=The Kingdom of Rygon. Rygon has only just come out of a close victory over Dragonia in a war of annihilation, and the country still bears some of the scars from that conflict. Thankfully Good King Hurethar has set his country on the road to recovery, and with no new threats forthcoming the future looks good for Rygon. They are Allied with Assriah, Avorno, Valkaria, and The Cenian Empire. They are enemies with the Cultaran tribes and the Viking raiders, and hate any and all dragon worshippers. They are based on Romano-British culture.

Scorpion Knights= The Kingdom of Assriah. Assriah has been through rough times of late, but that's nothing new for them. For nearly a thousand years Assriah has been fighting an on and off war against various necromancer uprizings, and this prolonged conflict has taken quite a toll. Prince Damiano stands resolute in the defence of his people, and has finally begun to call for aid from the many allies they have gathered over the years. Ultimately Assriahs future is uncertain, but that's better than it's been in a long time. They are allied with Rygon, Ceneth, Nithane, Camtara, Cenemia, and Reunited Kingdom. There only enemies are the Necromancers and a few pirate groups. They are based upon medieval Georgia.

I'll add more later.
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Re: How are Relations in your Castle World

Postby King of the West » Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:13 am

The factions and kingdoms vary depend on what part of the timeline we're talking about. Here's a brief history of each group and their allegiance.
Prentika- Started as medium-sized kingdom, controlled all lion-themed factions and for at varying times have controlled other factions. They eventually took control of the Western Empire and now control the majority of the Western Continent.
Black Falcons- In the beginning they were an independent, small kingdom, but by the end of the Dark Age they were under the rule of Prentika. They were between Prentika and the Black Knights, remnants of the Dragon Empire from centuries before the Dark Age began. When war broke out between Prentika and the Black Knights, the Falcons were divided, some of them allying with the Black Knights and some remaining in Prentika. When the war ended, the Falcons found themselves split by the new boundaries between the kingdoms. The once great Black Falcons had been divided forever by the war.
Dragon Empire- an ancient empire that once ruled much of the Western and Eastern Continents. They had already begun to crumble when they were destroyed in a war with Morcia. The remaining kingdoms retreated into the East.
Morcia- A great, ancient empire. It ruled much of the Western Continent, though it was eventually destroyed by attacks from the Wolf, Bull, and Horse tribes who dwelled in the North. As it fell, the Dark Age began. The kings of Prentika can trace their lineage back to the kings of Morcia.
Black Knights- the Western-most remnant of the Dragon Empire. They were frequently antagonized by the Riders throughout the Dark Age, leading to a war with Prentika when they allied themselves with the Riders through a marriage between the King and the Warrior-Queen who led the Riders. The war ended in a stalemate, and it was decided that a wall would be built, forever defining the boundaries of the Kingdoms.
Dragon Masters- Another remnant kingdom, they fled to the Eastern mountains, building a society that revolved around magic and dragon-taming. Legends say that the great wizard, Majisto, dwelled here for a hundred years before moving to the west.
The Eastern/New Dragon Empire- The Black Knights and Dragon Master reunited in the early 14th century, creating a new Dragon Empire that would span the East. They were driven back by the Western Empire and Prentika when they attempted to advance to the West, so they instead sent their armies further east, reclaiming the "lost kingdoms" and gaining control of many territories even further to the East then the first Dragon Empire had reached. They remain a dangerous power to this day, though they have been driven back into a much smaller territory than before.
The Western/Crown Empire- This Empire formed shortly after the wall of Morcia, constructing a fabled "yellow castle" that remained at the heart of their empire. By the mid-15th century they had conquered much of the "wild land" of the Western Continent. They gave their assistance to Prentika as the skeleton and orc hordes marched down upon the kingdoms of the Western Continent. However, the Emperor was consumed by madness and developed a dual personality, lending his help to the Wizard Ogel as a Knight, riding on Dragon-back. The King of Prentika killed him, making the Western Empire his by the laws of succession.
The Hordes- The Dark Wizard Ogel travelled deep into the mountains, where he built himself a tower. He resurrected an army of the dead and enslaved the local tribes of orcs, goblins, and trolls to his will. He deployed them against Prentika and the Western Empire, planning to rule the world. He was defeated in a final battle at the tower, marched upon by the entire Western Empire and Prentika. With the wizard Ogel missing following the battle, the skeletons became dormant and the orcs, goblins, and trolls fled into the mountains, returning to their old ways of life.
The Tribes- During the Dark Ages, the Western Continent was ruled by various tribes. They were all absorbed into the Western Empire by the end of the 17th century, either through peaceful or non-peaceful means.
The Forestmen- They live in the Dark Forest that surrounds the capitol of Prentika. They were at one point outlaws, though they now permitted to live in the forest provided they don't steal from or kidnap anyone who passes through.
Elves- They also live in the forest, though they build cities and towers in which to live, while the forestmen live in the trees and ruins.
Dwarves- They live in mines for the most part and are a part of the Western Empire/Prentika. Their skill at forging weapons is known throughout Lego-Earth.

And that's all the factions I can think of at the moment. I'm sure there are several I've forgotten.
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Re: How are Relations in your Castle World

Postby Admiral Ron » Fri Jan 14, 2011 3:51 am

I am afraid my Kingdoms dont have names, but I am working on that.

Forces of Good:
Lion Kingdom: This Kingdom is made up of the 2010 Lion Knights, as well as the royal knights of the 1990's, as royal guards and average soldiers, respectively. Largest Kingdom in the land.

Crownies: This Kingdom is a vassal of the Lion Kingdom, and provides support when they need it.

Forces of Evil:
Vikings: This tribe has been harassing the Lion Kingdom for hundreds of years, and is the largest of all the Evil factions.

Orcs: been allied with the Vikings against the Good as long as anyone in the Kingdom can remember.

Tribesmen: This band of marauders have been raiding the Lion Kingdom for a long time as well (consists of Islanders and Native Americans)

Neutral Factions:
The Dwarven Realm: This realm is usually neutral, but in case of war, usually sends troops to the Lion Kingdom

Saracens: This group has always hated the Lion Kingdom, but is untrusting towards the Evil factions, usually allies itself with the Evils historically.
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Re: How are Relations in your Castle World

Postby theboywarrior » Wed Jan 19, 2011 3:02 pm

well in my castle world the "classic" knights (aka Yellow Castle era knights) are allies with the Black Falcons, Crusaders, Black Knights, Forestmen, and Dragon Masters. the Fright Knights are allies with the Wofpack, Bulls, Vladek, and Skeletons+Trolls :orc: the Crown Knights have stable relationships with the Sea Elves, (who are basically warrior elves who wear more blue and silver than green) Dwarves, Royal Knights, KK1 Lions, KK2 good guys, Dragons, and Lions. they are uneasy friends with all the more "classic" factions.
so just to recap:
good: classic, BF, Crusaders, BK, Forestmen, Dm, Crownies, Elves, Dwarves, RK, KK1, KK2, Dragons, and Lions. :eyebrows:
Evil: Bulls, Fright Knights, Wolfpack, Vladek (KK2), Skeletons, an Trolls :twisted:
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