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bulls are bad?

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do you dislike the bulls

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Postby Tower of Iron Will » Thu Apr 03, 2008 4:17 pm

Farithdir wrote:First of all...

WHY must the king always be depicted as a noble, kind ruler? Has it occured to anyone else here that he is repressing his people by using monarchy to inspire terror throughout his realm?
Could it be that the bulls are really gallant, freedom fighters, who having formed an anarchal-comunal collective, established an army to spread their message of peace, freedom and democracy? Just because they're uniforms aren't as nice doesn't mean that they are bad. Ditto with the faces, just because some guy has an ugly face does that mean he is evil? I portray the bulls as the good force, and the King as the evil in this world, regardless of the story LEGO feeds me in a pointless attempt to disentigrate my creativity.
In conclusion, is lego sending the wrong message to our children? That those who look good are good? That those who are bad are ugly? Also, that standing up to a repressive absolutist regime of thugs and warriors which prohibits free speech and uses fear to perpetuate the econnomic and social differences in our society, is the WRONG thing to do? Tsk, Tsk, lego.
Help help I'm being repressed!

Of course you are correct, and you can prove this by looking at our politicians who are more worried about their public image and payoff money then the people whom they claim to represent. But I don't think that its the LEGO corp's intent to reinforce this dynamic. Good Parents and/or education will guard against this.

Bulls are a important faction in my LEGOverse.
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Postby Dr.Cogg » Wed May 14, 2008 8:20 pm

Not all kings in Lego are Good,if you look on the lego web site in the Book of Morcia read about King Mallekee.
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