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Tale 1, The Runetales

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Tale 1, The Runetales

Postby athronieth » Sun Apr 29, 2012 1:15 am

My two kids and I began creating a Lego castle fantasy world and story line about 15 years ago. Over time it evolved into The Runetales set in Quelta the Emerald Isle. The first tale (below) became the first chapter in The Dragonslayer (book), which is the first book in the Return of the Cianna cycle. The original text and a few photos accompanying the tale can be found at Brickshelf. Maybe some of you CCers will find our story interesting too.

Tale 1: Forest Rescue

Once of a time, a lad from the village Nordh in the RAVENSLAW did fetch firewood one morn. It was a bright spring day, yet he bid Nuatha the spearman escort him…for DANGER lurked in the Wolfwood. The two ambled from the village to the wood, but their footfalls hastened when they entered the brooding gloom of the darkbark trees. Nuatha kept a keen watch as Niall tossed dry logs and branches into his cart quick as he could.

Alas, one of the murderous DEMON-WOLVES inhabiting the wood soon caught their scent. Evil red eyes a-glow it stalked close, close, and closer until it leapt with a terrifying Growl! to devour the boy.

The boy frantically thrust a log into the gaping maw of the beast and beseeched the Angel of Justice save him. Thank the gods! The log stuck in its teeth...only for a moment as the beast’s powerful jaws snapped the log like a twig. Then it felled onrushing Nuatha with the swoop of a long-clawed paw. Niall desperately took up the fallen spear and stabbed at the beast as it mauled Nuatha.

The raging wolf turned to attack the boy, but a radiant figure wielding a golden runesword great appeared, using the foul demon-tongue to challenge the beast.

Whence the vile creature howled and lunged, the shining figure dropped to one knee swifter than the eye can see, then whispered as he smote the demon-wolf with his golden runesword great so fiercely its carcass be impaled into a nearby tree.

The demon-slayer wiped clean his broadsword and sheathed it across his back. He held up a hand—a shimmering golden hand—in greeting and spoke in the common tongue. “Fear not. I am the SWORD SAINT, protector of the innocent.”

Nuatha and Niall knelt both in awe and bewilderment, for their savior was a High Elf (a.k.a. Anduin or Eldar), who were often at odds with humans. What is more, he was no ordinary elf—he spoke the fey tongue, wielded a golden runesword great, and had a golden hand. Finally Nuatha spoke. “Praise Solaron! I be Nuatha, and Niall the lad. We owe thee our lives, and offer reward such as we can.”

The elf smiled with bright blue eyes. “Arise, friends. I ask only that you pay the deed forward.” He shook the soldier’s hand in greeting as humans do and tousled the lad’s shaggy black hair with a fatherly smile. Then he bent to bind Nuatha’s wounds and whispered again.

Unable to restrain himself, Niall tugged at the elf’s sleeve and blurted, “Sword Saint! Wilt thee see us home safe to Nordh? Surely there be more wolves about!”

The elf turned away a moment whilst his eyes transformed into violent grey vortexes. In an instant they returned to normal and he faced the boy. “The wolves will go hungry today,” he replied. “I will see you safe to mother and father.” As they departed, he whispered again.

This time Niall noticed his whisper and the strange ripples it created in the air. Then he felt a warm surge of confidence and peace. The boy daresay nothing, but his heart raced…for surely he walked with a RUNE SPEAKER.
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Re: Tale 1, The Runetales

Postby Medieval Guy » Sun Apr 29, 2012 9:28 pm

Interesting story, and the action in the MOC is good.
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