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LCC-LC1-Outlaws-what are you in for? Re-entry

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LCC-LC1-Outlaws-what are you in for? Re-entry

Postby DarkTemplar » Tue May 29, 2012 5:05 am

I felt my resubmitted for the LCC with my new character was a little weak due to time constraints with created a new character so close to the deadline. However, I felt the story aspect had a bit more meat on it so I've popped it here instead. And yes the MOC base is a Durmstrong Hull :)

Amaranthrine of the Void - LC1

Awaken fool awaken, the words echoed through his skull and then burned his eyes. Amaranthrine raised a hand to his face to rub his eyes to find nothing but bone. The world slowly came in to focus, Amaranthrine could now clearly make out his hand before him. Amaranthrine stared at the black charred bone fingers dancing before his face. He continued to investigate his surroundings. He appeared to be in a stone chamber entirely enclosed within the darkness. It suddenly all came back to him; killing the Elementalist, the student army, the fireball and his shout, “GAAAAAAAH.” He found himself screaming but no words came out,for he had no organs. I am dead though, but wait why am I... Before he could finish his thought the voice returned. “Ah so you remember,” the bass of the voice shook his chamber.

“The Demon Prince? Is it you, but am I not dead?”

“You fool, you are mine. And what belongs to me does not die, it is simply forgotten... and you have been remembered.”


“Silence! …and listen”

Amaranthrine expanded his senses as he had learned in his mage training. He expanded his mind, it flowed throughout his chamber and out the cracks until it found light, and followed it to it's source; a torch.

“Are you sure it's here, and more yet, are you sure all the traps have been dispelled?” said a man with a commoner's accent.

“I have it on good authority my man,” said a well spoken man. He continued, “It's all here in this book. It's the last will and testament of the spell breaker who came through here with the King's army to dispel the school. He may have been a good soldier, but this was one thing he did not take to the grave. Apparently in his pursuit to remove one last spell ward, he happened upon the tomb of Amaranthrine of the Void. His fellow soldier's could not see the tomb, so he strayed the party away and came back later to erect a wall in front of the entrance. He cursed himself for the rest of his life knowing that one day Amaranthrine would now the world again now that the spells had been lifted and could never be cast again.”

“Then why are we here!” shouted another man.

“Do I have to repeat everything we're here for the staff. Now give me a hand with this lid.”

There was a crash and then blinding light saturated his chamber. Three faces met Amaranthrine's gaze. “There's the staff,” said the well spoken man.

“Take their souls with your Blood Magic now if you want your body back,” commanded the Demon Prince.

Amaranthrine surged a hand upward and grabbed the throat of one of the men. His other hand wrapped around his staff. Purple mist surrounded the man and then he screamed and Amaranthrine swallowed his essence. Amaranthrine dropped the dried husk that was the man, and rose. He could already feel his power returning. He looked at the bones around his and expelled the consumed soul into the ground. The bones shook and began to cluster. Amaranthrine stepped out of the chamber and began to pursue the other two men.

The men fled through the catacombs until they came to a ledge within a great room. The man with the common accent, a soldier, slipped off the ledge and fell on the floor of the room. Skeletons began to rise out of the ground around the soldier and pull on his clothing. The well spoken man stopped. He whirled round only to find Amaranthrine's bony grip on his throat. “I'm a Lord Issac of Loreos, I'm a rich an powerful man, let me help you,” he tried to squeeze out of his wind pipes.
Amaranthrine's stoic gaze men Lord Issac. “Your soul will do just fine just fine,” Amaranthrine said through his mind to the Lord. Amaranthrine absorbed his soul as he had before and felt his form slowly return. He dropped the husk of the lord and looked below, just to watch the life fade out of the soldier’s eyes as he was ripped apart by skeletal minions.

He had returned, fueled with the Demon Princes hate as he had centuries ago, and now the Kingdoms were going to be sorry they ever forgot about him.

Amaranthrine of the Void, wanted for the practice of unholy magics, murder, destruction and fulfilling the bidding of the Demon Prince Zernebog.
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