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Garheim LC6 - Fishing Tournament Results

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Garheim LC6 - Fishing Tournament Results

Postby AK_Brickster » Mon Aug 06, 2012 5:44 pm

LC6 Results (in progress)
(Thanks to Virtual Dice for providing random number generation)

EDIT: I didn't follow my own rules the first time around :oops:
Now, as was required for the "Size" rolls, any roll higher than the max allowed for that region was discarded and re-rolled until an acceptable number was produced. (Discarded rolls not shown)

Note - In the "Roll Summary" after each contestant, BOLD numbers indicate a roll that was high enough to overcome the conditions of the fishing location.

After a long stretch of waking in the wee hours to be out on the water during the best hours for fishing, hundreds of hook-pricked fingers, hours of digging up grubs for bait, and profanity-laced tirades at broken lines too numerous to count, the Garheim Fishing Tournament has finally come to a close.

The contestants gather in the great hall of Mikithdar to compare catches and to see who has the biggest fish story about the ones that got away.

Herman Trivitz is the first to spin his yarn...
"Well, it was mighty cold up there on the ice of the far north, but I managed to find a decent spot to set up my ice-fishing shack out there on the shelf. The fish were so plentiful that, even though I'm an expert lure-maker, really all I would have needed was a shiny hook for them to bite at! The only problem was, seeing as how the hole I was dangling my bait through was only about twelve inches across, I had to release several massive fishes because they just wouldn't fit through the ice! I ended up with a nice little fish though, and it wasn't too difficult, though the trip sure was long. My fish comes in at 1 foot long!" He beamed.
Roll summary:
Herman: Fish - 6,3 (fish on!), Skill - 4,1,4 (fish caught!), Size - 1 - Fish of 1' Caught!

Chuckles were heard throughout the room as the other fisherman had a laugh at the expense of poor Herman and his pitiful little fish, though secretly there were a few in the room who wished that they had as much to show for their trouble as he.

Snorre Harang was the next to speak up. He as well as Henk Sjoberg and another man, simply known as "Sven", had been warming their toes in the hall for a day already, as they had done their fishing just an hour's trek south in Lake Mikithdar.
"The lake is beautiful this time of year. We didn't see a single ripple and the fish were in a biting mood!" He called out.

"Aye!" Chimed in Sven. "We three seemed equally matched, and each of us managed to catch fish equal to the biggest ever pulled from the lake."
At this point, he, Snorre, and Henk all stood up and held up their 3 foot long fish, to a smattering of applause from those gathered in the hall.

Roll summary:
Snorre: Fish - 5,3 (fish on!), Skill - 1 (fish caught!), Size - 1,3,2 - Fish of 3' Caught!
Henk: Fish - 2,2 (fish on!), Skill - 1 (fish caught!), Size - 2,1,3 - Fish of 3' Caught!
Sven: Fish - 4,4 (fish on!), Skill - 6 (fish caught!), Size - 3,2,2 - Fish of 3' Caught!

Now it was time for those who had fished out in the open sea to share their adventures. Anticipation was high as attention turned to the group of fishermen who had cast their luck into the waters of the Gulf of Fishes.
The crowd was silent as Svea Oresund, who was rumored to have recently taken flight by means of some evil enchantment, stood with her catch. "The weather in the bay started out calmly, and I was able to catch a decent fish just off the docks" she said, leaving out that she had enchanted the lure before casting her line.

A couple of people clapped, but most just eyed her suspiciously.

"Aye," piped up Piotrek Lodowicz. "But shortly thereafter, a nasty wind started to swirl around the bay, and the fish I had on my line was lost when we were pitched about by a large wave. I was lucky to have survived!" (In reality, the bay was barely choppy, but he was trying to excuse his lack of fishing skill)

"But," continued Piotrek, "at least I did better than ol' Trygve over here! Har! Har!" He told me that he didn't even get a nibble!"
"Well, if I had, I certainly wouldn't have let a little chop keep me from landing it." Trygve Varanger grumbled under his breath, looking down at the floor as the rest of the room snickered.

Roll summary:
Trygve: Fish - 2,2 (no bites)
Svea: Fish - 6,5 (fish on!), Weather - 3,5 (fish caught!), Size - 2,2 - Fish of 2' Caught!
Piotrek: Fish - 5,3 (fish on!), Weather - 1 (fish lost!)

Next were the men who were on the opposite coast, near Jharton Bay. There was a large group of them, as the fishing was reputed to be quite good in that region, and many had tried to cash in.
Smogg Slimms, who prided himself as an expert lure maker, was first to hold up his fish.
"Well, as expected, my lures were fantastic and I had a fish on before long. Unfortunately, luck was not on my side, and the best one I was able to land was only this two-footer." He held up the meager catch for all to see.

"Mmmrrm," Eylssa Hjorth cleared her throat, and all eyes turned to the beautiful girl. She struggled to hold up her larger fish for them, a nice 3 foot seabass. "I was fortunate enough to easily overcome the competition and used my knowledge of Lenfel fishing routes to find a nice, unfished spot on the coast and got this nice fish to show for it." She grinned as the room erupted in hoots, hollers and cheers. (The rough Garhim men have a soft spot for women who can hold their own with a line and pole.)

As the cheers died down, eyes turned toward Bernard and Bruce Uptighty, who had been bickering for the last few hours over who's fish was superior.
"What do you mean, my fish isn't four feet?! It's obviously as big as yours!" Bernard growled.
"Well, you are measuring from mouth to tail tips, and rules clearly state that fish are to be measured from mouth to tail FORK! But I wouldn't expect an uneducated brute like you to understand the importance of following the rules. Rules are the key, yes. We must follow the rules!"

Svea, irritated by the bickering, twitched her fingers, and Bruce's voice suddenly decreased to a rasp whisper, as she slyly quieted him with a "silencio" muttered under her breath. The fish were laid side-by-side, and indeed, they were the exact same length! And the largest to be presented up to this point, at that! Bruce and Bernard glared at each other, knowing that their fishing partners would have to break the tie if they ended up having the largest fish of the tournament. However, the most adventurous anglers had yet to tell their stories of battling for the largest fish in the sea...

Roll Summary:
Eylssa: Fish - 5,3 (fish on!), Weather - 5,5 (fish caught!), Size - 3,1 - Fish of 3' caught!
Smogg: Fish - 1,1,5 (fish on!), Weather - 2,5, Size - 2 - Fish of 2' caught!
Bernard: Fish - 5,1 (fish on!), Weather - 3,6 (fish caught!), Size - 4,4 - Fish of 4' caught!
Bruce: Fish - 4,3 (fish on!), Weather - 6 (fish caught!), Size - 1,4,4 - Fish of 4' caught!

Two of the most experienced fishermen in Garheim, Leif Thorstein and Jovic Knerl, were huddled near the fireplace. The sound of their chattering teeth could be heard as the room went quiet, waiting to see how they had fared.
"We ran into some real bad weather up in the Howling Seas." Jovic started out. "It's no wonder nobody fishes up there. That is some of the worst water I've ever been on! I did get a huge bite on my sharpened anchor hook, but the boat was pitching so wildly, and the air so cold, that my fingers couldn't hold the icy chain that the hook was attached to, and I lost the whole rig overboard. After that, it was almost the end of me just to get the boat back to shore!"

Here Leif spoke up, "Yes, but it sure is lucky that you lost your rig, my friend. I too was fishing the area in my sea canoe, which has always been sturdy in rough seas before, but the weather was so foul, that when combined with the pull from the fish on my line, the entire boat was rolled over, and if you hadn't seen me clinging to the upended hull on your way back to shore, I would have surely drowned." He put his hand on Jovic's shoulder. "We will have to try another fishing trip up there someday. We'll pull a monster fish out of those waters yet!"

Roll Summary:
Leif: Fish - 2 (fish on!), Weather - 3,5,4 (fish lost!)
Jovic: Fish - 6 (fish on!), Weather - 1,3,3,4 (fish lost!)

Now there was just one last tourney participant left. Standing against the wall near an open window (as requested by several patrons to help ease the smell coming off of him), was Will the Hobo. His clothes smelled of sulfur and he was quite a mess. He grinned at the attention.

"Tell us, Will, how did your recent scheme of fishing Kreand's Crater pan out for you?" A man sneered from across the room. (Most of Mikithdar was all too familiar with Will's penchant for grandiose plans that never seemed to work out)

Will, always happy to be the center of attention with his hair-brained ideas, took center stage in the hall.

"Well, t'was a wunderfill playce, up der in der mountains whirr the hot springs arr." At this point, he started making gurgling sounds and gesticulating wildly as he tried to mimic the geysers and boiling hot springs of the hidden valley found in the mountains north of Mikithdar.
"But wen I gets to da pool up der, my loor I maded I trowed it in, and it melts soons after it landed in der water cause was so hot."
At this, the room roared with laughter! On a roll, Will added, "Yeah!! And da fish I dun used fer bait was cookt perfect so I had nice food to eat too!"

Roll summary:
Will: Fish - 2 (no bites)

So, with everyone having reported their catch, it came down to the two men who had caught fish off the coast of Jharton, Bernard and Bruce. Since they were tied, it was up to their fishing partners to see who's combined catch would net them the victory.
Bruce, having chosen the unfortunate Hobo as his tournament partner, only had his fish to count towards his total.
Bernard, having paired with Sven, had both his 4-footer and Sven's solid contribution of a 3-footer, for a total of 7, making him the victor of the tournament!

Raising his stein among cheers from his fellow anglers, he called out, "Courage! Honor! Loyalty! For Garheim!"

Final Results:

Biggest Catch: Athalus (2pts)
Best total Catch: Athalus (1pt)
Best Entries - Figs: Athalus (1pt), Story: Daken the Bladesmith (1pt)
All entrants also receive 2 points for participating.

I hope you enjoyed the tournament!



Ice Fishing on the North West Coast (Fish 1, Weather 1, Size 2)

- Herman Trivitz (Sniezka) - Lure 2, Skill 3, Luck 1

Lake Mikithdar (Fish 2, Weather 1, Size 3)

- Snorre Harang (gurusql) - Lure 2, Skill 1, Luck 3
- Henk Sjoberg (konze) - Lure 2, Skill 1, Luck 3
- Sven (Athalus) - Lure 2, Skill 1, Luck 3

Gulf of Fishes (Fish 3, Weather 2, Size 4)

- Trygve Vananger (gurusql) - Lure 2, Skill 2, Luck 2
- Piotrek Lodowicz (Sniezka) - Lure 2, Skill 1, Luck 3
- Svea Oresund (konze) - Lure 2, Skill 2, Luck 2

Jharton Bay (Fish 4, Weather 3, Size 5)

- Elyssa Hjorth (Eklund) - Lure 2, Skill 2, Luck 2
- Smogg Slims (AK_Brickster) - Lure 3, Skill 2, Luck 1
- Bernard (Athalus) - Lure 2, Skill 2, Luck 2
- Bruce Uptighty (Daken the Bladesmith) - Lure 2, Skill 1, Luck 3

The Howling Seas (Fish 2, Weather 6, Size 6)

- Lief Thorstein (Eklund) - Lure 1, Skill 3, Luck 2
- Jovic Knerl (AK_Brickster) - Lure 1, Skill 4, Luck 1

Kregand's Crater (Fish 6, Weather 6, Size 7)

- Will the Hobo (Daken the Bladesmith) - Lure 1, Skill 4, Luck 1
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Re: Garheim LC6 - Fishing Tournament Results

Postby Sniezka » Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:20 pm

Yay Herman! That fish is better than I ever caught. :)
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Re: Garheim LC6 - Fishing Tournament Results

Postby AK_Brickster » Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:12 pm

All results now posted. Congrats to the winner!

I hope everyone enjoyed the tournament. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for the next time we do something like this :)
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Re: Garheim LC6 - Fishing Tournament Results

Postby Eklund » Tue Aug 07, 2012 8:53 pm

Good write up, Brickster! Too bad Leif couldn't come up with a monster from the howling seas, but atleast Elyssa could get a nice seabass!
Even though this wasn't a typical building challenge, I really liked it, and look forward to more of these types of contests in the future. The way you set it up with not only different skills for each fisherman, but with different locations too, was nice.
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Re: Garheim LC6 - Fishing Tournament Results

Postby Tastymuffins » Tue Aug 07, 2012 10:21 pm

Although I didn't participate I had a lot of fun reading this! :D
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Re: Garheim LC6 - Fishing Tournament Results

Postby Sniezka » Tue Aug 07, 2012 11:08 pm

Congrats Athalus! :) Piotrek has luck just like mine in fishing. This was a fun contest.
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Re: Garheim LC6 - Fishing Tournament Results

Postby Daken the Bladesmith » Wed Aug 08, 2012 3:37 am

Congratz Athalos! If that stupid hobo hadn't screwed up Bruce's overall catch I might've bested you. :roflol:
Those were great stories AK, you are a very talented story teller! :wink:
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Re: Garheim LC6 - Fishing Tournament Results

Postby Athalus » Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:00 pm

It seems luck was on my side this time :D
AK_brickster, I'm impressed by the amount of work you put into this! You have given my characters more background than I did!
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Re: Garheim LC6 - Fishing Tournament Results

Postby konze » Wed Aug 08, 2012 9:00 pm

I really love your story! Thank you for hosting this challenge.
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