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LCC-Lenfald Search for the Sword.

Postby Elderon » Thu Sep 27, 2012 10:00 pm

The cave of the Sword by ElderonEldar, on Flickr

“Look!” Velaryon yelled out standing next to a tree-stump. “The rope our blacksmith left us is still in place.”
Deiros and Fay joined him. They looked at the big hole in the ground. One could hardly see it from the road, but here it was as obvious as any hole in the ground would be.
“You think it will hold us?” Deiros asked jerking the end of the rope, as to test it.
“Only one way to find out,” said Velaryon with that distinctive smile on his face. He put off his helmet and laid down his shield.
“I know that smile,” said Fay.
Velaryon began climbing down the rope and touched down in the cave. Fay followed close after him and started inspecting the cave. Soon she came along some bodies.
“Orcs. Judging by the armor and the weapons. And by the weird skull.”
“Looks like sir HighOak defended the sword quite vigorously,” said Velaryon while he was inspecting the armored skeleton which was once the great-grandfather of Captain HighOak.
“Is it safe to come down?”
Velaryon looked up and saw Deiros hesitating above them.
“Oh, by the Gods, grow a pair and come down you coward Loreesi!”
Deiros slid down the rope and stood amongst them.
“I think this is his journal,” Deiros pointed at the book lying next to the skeleton. Velaryon picked it up and looked at the pages. He started reading the last pages.

The Duke as bestowed a great honor on me. He has taken hold of the great Sword of Karlamac. But he knows its dangers. I have been sent out with my men to hide it in the Temple of Féantúri in the Strath Armen. We rode out from Isil Oro and ventured on a quest we knew was dangerous. For many souls want the Sword.

We are halfway on our journey. The men grow restless. I fear they might be after the sword. My squire assures me they are not, but I’m not sure anymore. The Duke was right, the sword is dangerous. To keep it safe I’m wearing it around my hip. I am afraid to wield it however and hope dearly that we do not come across a pack of outlaws. The sword seems to drain energy from me in ways I do not understand. I am losing sleep and every day I feel more exhausted. I look forward to the day we finally deliver it to the Temple.

Not three days further and I am sure the men are after the sword. I can see it in their eyes. They want to feel its power, use it to wreak havoc among Roawia. I cannot let them, must protect Roawia from the dangers of the sword. I plan on leaving them in the night. But then again they might follow me, even try to steal it during the night. I will defend it with my life though.

Here I am, in this wretched cave! They mutinied on me! Their leader, their friend. I broke my leg when I fell in the cage and am not in a position to move on. I fear this is the end for me. But I have the Sword, so it is safe! I hear sounds coming from the caves surrounding me. I hope it is nothing more than a cave-bear, but one cannot be sure. I am sure to keep my sword loose in its sheath.

Damned orcs! They are dead, but so am I. Not yet maybe but it does not seem that I will live much longer. I have run out of ink so I am writing this with blood from the wound the orcs gave me. I would have never thought I would succumb to so much savagery, but I fear I have to make clear that this Sword must be kept safe. And I can find no better place then amongst the dead. If you by any chance come by this journal and read this, I urge you, leave the Sword, it is cursed and dangerous. If you value your life, leave it.


Sir Gyldert HighOak the First.

“By the Gods, it is the Sword of Karlamac,” said Deiros, who had been reading the pages as well, over the shoulder of Velaryon.
“We think,” responded Velaryon.
“What do you mean?”
“We are not sure if this is the real sword. It is known that Duke Wirklich placed many copies throughout the whole of Roawia. This might be one such copy.”
“And you believe that? You read the journal, this man became mad because of the curse!” replied Deiros with a surprised face.
“I’ve seen men go mad believing things which I am sure of they were false. Belief is a strong thing friend and has turned many sane men into insane men. I’ll take the sword and we are going to deliver it to the King.”
And with those words it was done. Velaryon had made his decision and Deiros and Fay knew there was no chance in changing his mind. Velaryon took the sword out of the sheath of the skeleton and changed it for his own sword.
They all climbed out of the cave and went further on their way to Loreos. But dangers lay ahead of them as they would soon find out.

Well here it is, reeeally late I know, but I felt I had to post it. I felt it was needed to get the development of my character flowing. If you bother to read this. let me know what you think :wink:


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