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Postby The Tennis Ball Kid » Sat Aug 28, 2004 2:01 am

Both of them, slightly off key: "It's a long way to Tipperary, it's a long way to go...."
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The Tennis Ball Kid
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Postby Duke_Dave » Sat Aug 28, 2004 2:22 am

'......Six days on the road and I'm gonna make it home tonight.....'

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Postby Commander Redbeard » Sat Aug 28, 2004 11:41 am

Lone Falcon: There it is. The land of Mega-dor.

New Grey: Yes indeed, and horrible it is. Muahaha..Do you see all of those poor bricks locked away in their horrible, unyielding plastic prisons, stifling their-

Lone Falcon: Ok, ok, shutup. Here is where it all ends. Only one of us can survive to carry on our race to grace these wonderful plastic fields and valleys... And at least I'm from a theme of Middle-worth.

New grey: Peach shall prevail... You're time is over, Falcon... Muahahahaha....

Lone Falcon: **Pushes New Grey over the edge into the Cracks of Gloom** "They don't call me the Lone Falcon for nothing. I REALLY hate company... **Sigh..** What is the world coming to?"
Sitting in a midnight glade
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A Forestman sits
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But after three mugs of ale
Let it bring what it may.
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Commander Redbeard
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Postby jamitjames » Sat Aug 28, 2004 11:54 am

Just to tell you all he is not Peach....
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Postby coyote » Sat Aug 28, 2004 5:24 pm

New gray: The gate to the Mines of Moria!
Falcon: Sure? Looks a window to me.
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Postby The Brick Rat » Sun Aug 29, 2004 4:23 pm

Trooper: One small step for a man...
Falcon: ...but one heck of a leap for minifigkind!

The Brick Rat
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Postby gul_avel » Mon Aug 30, 2004 11:58 am

Hoth soldier: Betcha I can spit further than you.

Lone Falcon: Do you mind? I am having a reflective moment, pondering my long travails and how this moment, in a way, symbolizes the entirety of journeys.

Hoth: Huh? Man, you talk too much. Just live in the moment, dude. Hey, I bet you can throw your spear from here to that giant door!

Lone Falcon: What a bizarre land this is. Since my arrival I have seen nothing but absolute oddities. And, I think you are one of them.

Hoth: Dude, I got a blaster, what does that say to you?

Falcon: You left your blaster several feet back on our journey at the hill that you called a pillow. I am armed now, what speaks that to you, knave?

Hoth turns to leave: Man, that's why your the, lone, falcon.

Falcon: And you, foul colored cur, are the reason why snow speeders have not been selling too well!
There is no such thing as chaos in God's universe, there is only the lack of human understanding; our inability to see how the system works and interacts. --Avery Christy
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Postby Mr. D » Wed Sep 01, 2004 1:56 am

Uh, New Gray? I think I see a flying fish down there! Lean over a little bit and you'll be able to see it. A little more....a little more....just a bit more....
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Mr. D
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Postby Emperor James » Wed Sep 01, 2004 2:53 am

Jojo visits Nathan's room. :D
Emperor James
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Postby Loneranger » Wed Sep 01, 2004 5:30 am

New grey: Holy crap black falcon, where in a nut cracker this time!

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Postby Legomaat » Wed Sep 01, 2004 6:19 am

"A Kingdom for a Horse" the man said...!
And this is all there is...?
And I have to build my castle myself..? With only new grey...??

I immediately want my horse back!!
"Too low they build, who build beneath the stars".

Edward Young / Night Thoughts.
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Postby Luís » Wed Sep 01, 2004 10:23 am

New-gray: Do you still want to go on the short-cut?
Shelved bricks(???)
You know you're a good person when you see megablocks and have to do things you would rather not.
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Postby The Josh » Sat Sep 04, 2004 5:42 pm

New Gray: So all we have to do is jump of this cliff and we will go to a paradise where we will be met with 47 forestwomen and princesses?

Black Falcon: Yes, but you should jump go first.

-The Josh
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The Josh
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Postby doctorsparkles » Thu Sep 09, 2004 2:32 am

New Grey: Well, it's taken a lot of work, but we're finally done redecorating!
Falcon: I still think we should have gone with a light beige in the hallway.
"Always do what you want, and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~ Doctor Suess
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