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LCC- Months of Roawia Idea

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LCC- Months of Roawia Idea

Postby royalbrickcustoms » Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:09 pm

Hey guys,

Last year I had to write a short story for English class, so I wrote a short 50 page story called "Chronicles of Cronneras: Piercing The Shadows" Originally I just wrote the one book but then I decided to make books II and III as brickfilms. Book II: Trials By Fire is currrently in production and Book III: Breaking Free is coming next.

Some of my LCC character's story and character names will be taken from that story. While I was working on the project I decided to create a calender of months of the year just for fun, and to add a little bit of depth to the storyline and history of the books and the "Land(s) of Cronneras". Here they are as follows:

Months of Cronneras/Roawia

Cronneras/Roawia ~ English Month (Resemblance)

Adarr (A-darr) (30) ~ January

Fibrian (Fib-ree-an) (30) ~ February

Yirksinn (Yirk-shin) (30) ~ March

Abris (A-brese) (30) ~ April

Mylul (My-lool) (30) ~ May

Jevenn (Jay-venn) (30) ~ June

Lunmar (30) ~ July

Tirik (30) ~ August

Simpraav (30) ~ September

Piratt (30) ~ October

Creevone (30) ~ November

Dellcrann (30) ~ December

Galrios** (37) ~ (Extra feast month every two years)

360 days/year (397 feast year) ~ 365 days/year (366 leap year)

** The Feast Month of Galrios is named after the great ancient elven lord, Galrios.

If there are any month names you would like to add, replace or remove from this list, just post you suggestion(s) and comment(s) below.

This is just an idea, nothing is set in stone yet.

Tell me what you think. :)


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Re: LCC- Months of Roawia Idea

Postby ZacharyIslazy » Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:21 pm

I was thinking about this, and a discussion we had a couple a days of ago about seasons in Rowia. Since Rowia doesn't really have the same seasons as we do, ie 4 seasons a year of Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, maybe every Month should be extended in length to counter act the long seasons? Just an idea.

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