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Stories page on the main site.

Postby vendezzz » Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:03 pm

Is it possible for my site to get added to the stories page on the main site?
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Re: Stories page on the main site.

Postby Bruce N H » Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:54 pm

Short answer - Sure! I can do that.

Long answer - The "stories" section of the site dates back to the very early days of Classic-Castle. There used to be a site called "Castle World" that was dedicated to writing Castle-themed stories (btw, this is different from a later site that grew up with the same name), often (but not exclusively) LEGO-illustrated ones. Then that site died, and there was a desire to either revive, revise, or replace it. At about the same time there was a growing trend to create collaborative displays at AFOL gatherings. The Moonbase Standard was a bit hit, where a bunch of spacers came up with a set of rules so they could all build separate modules and then assemble them at a convention into a huge moonbase. At the 2013 BrickFest, a group of Castle builders got together to come up with a standard for building a walled city for future collaborative displays, what became the CCC Standard. That same meeting included castle builders who wanted a new castle stories website. Out of that meeting, Classic-Castle was born. As I understand it (and I was not one of the original admins - you should ask Ben for more details as he was there) the two original motivations were to promote castle story writing and help plan collaborative displays, hence the subforums devoted to those ideas and the "City" and "Stories" buttons on the front page. Those motivations, though always present, fairly quickly became outpaced by people showing their MOCs (whether or not they were part of a story or intended as part of a collaborative display) and news and discussion of official LEGO castle sets. Customization also grew up as those who made minifigs and other customs found their home here. In short, CC very quickly grew beyond those two original motivations to become "The source for all your LEGO Castle needs". CC became not just a place to archive LEGO Castle stories, but a more dynamic discussion. Stories were created and linked in the stories subforum, but we haven't been good about updating the archive, which is what is linked from the front page. Those links date to the very early days of CC, and are almost all broken. :( IMO that section of the site needs to be either massively updated, or perhaps done away with altogether.

So, in summary, I'd be happy to add a link to your site and will do that tonight, but we have to think long and hard about the long-term status of the "stories" link from the front page.

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Re: Stories page on the main site.

Postby ottoatm » Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:15 am

Good answer(s) Bruce :-)
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