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Postby kajo163 » Wed Sep 29, 2004 11:17 pm

"Repports are comming in from all over Legoland of muggers getting more and more interested in unsuspecting tourists."

-The Brick street Journal

(and Joel)
I'm back, and so is Castle!
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Postby TheBohrok » Thu Sep 30, 2004 12:17 am

Emperor: "You can't do this to me! Come back now!"
Obi-Wan: "Would you shut up and pass me those dark grey
kicking legs over there? I can't move!"
All hail!
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Postby Mr. D » Thu Sep 30, 2004 12:40 am

...and so, the parts were held ransom; only to be given back in return for the old grays.
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Postby The Brick Rat » Thu Sep 30, 2004 5:01 am

King: "Well, I must say, this is a much more useful haul than what we got from those KK2 imposters!"

The Brick Rat
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Postby erikut » Thu Sep 30, 2004 9:33 am

Palpatine: AWW those stupid castle guys again
King: oh shut up!
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Postby doctorsparkles » Thu Sep 30, 2004 12:40 pm

King: Wow, I'm sure glad we caught the back to school sale at Macy's!
Forestman: Yeah, with all these sweet threads, we'll be the coolest kids at Classic Castle Senior High!
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Thu Sep 30, 2004 5:01 pm

Forestmen: "Pity the cart was so small, everything back there save for that froggy head was useful..."

King: "Don't worry, we'll be back soon..."

Wolfpack: "I get first choice on parts, this cart is heavy!"
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Postby lil Jon » Thu Sep 30, 2004 7:23 pm

Forestman: Quick he's gaining on us!

King: I've never seen such devotion in a droid before.
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Postby MaxiVisVires » Thu Sep 30, 2004 8:15 pm

Forestman: So what do you feel like eatting?
King: I dunno how bout Pizza?
Wolfpack:Can we stop at the bank first? I hear Spider-Man is over there and we might as well pick up Mary Jane while we can.
Forestman: Great idea! Do you still have Princess Leia's slave outfit from last week?
Wolfpack: You know it.
King: Sweet!
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Postby The Josh » Thu Sep 30, 2004 9:52 pm

King: See, I told you that the whole jedi force power thing was a bunch of arm waving and hocus pocus. Those guys were nothing but a bunch of blockheads!

-The Josh
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Postby Robin Hood » Thu Sep 30, 2004 10:37 pm

King: Who would have thought that the force can only be used with capes.
Wolfpack: What! I want it.
Forestman: No way, you said all you wanted was the hood and shirt.
Wolfpack: I lied ok, shoot me.
(R2-D2 suddenly shoots a burst of electricity and the wolfpack falls to ground)
King: The garbage can is still alive.
Forestman: How did he shoot the electricity?
King: He has the cap-aarrrrgghhh!
(king falls down dead)
Forestman: Good job R2. Now I get all of Jar Jar and Palpatine, and you and Obi-wan can go free.
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Postby fcarcanague » Fri Oct 01, 2004 1:51 am

AbyNormal, she and her friends should make master happy.
Shouldn't we have done this in the dark?

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Postby Emperor James » Fri Oct 01, 2004 2:06 am

And now for something completely different.
Emperor James
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Postby Commander Redbeard » Fri Oct 01, 2004 11:03 pm


**Eyes the content of the cart, then looks over a ledger**

"Ok, I see two pounds bounty here for the black hood, one for the cloak, and two shillings each for the hair and the pants. Oh, you said it was two of those StarWars buffoons you nabbed? An extra shilling for that."


"Hey, you gave those other guys five pounds two shillings for that suit of black KK2 armor!"


"Yeah, and you gave four to those Dragon Masters who jumped the Harry Potter guys!"

**They take a small pouch of gold from the king and leave**


"This is nothing! I could get almost two times this amount for robbing just one Baron!"


"It's OK, it's fun! Maybe this time we'll try to nab one of those Jellybean guys. I heard of this Black Falcon who got eight pounds and sixpence for one of them..."
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