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A Cold Winter's Knight (The Story)

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A Cold Winter's Knight (The Story)

Postby SavaTheAggie » Sat Oct 16, 2004 4:55 am

What's the story behind a Cold Winter's Knight? ... php?t=2832


You tell me! Just for fun, reply to this post with what you think is going on with the Cold Winter's Knight.

Feel free to mix up the pictures, put them in any order you wish (just link to a thumbnail or the pictures instead of imbedding the actual 640x480 pictures in your post).

Just write a short story, longer than 300 words, shorter than 2000 (c'mon people that ain't alot, really!), and insert thumbnails or links to the pictures where necessary. You may use any of the 12 pictures in this gallery:

Just be sure to use at least one picture of each of the four vignettes!

The person with the best story about the Cold Winter's Knight will get...

A hearty thumbs up!

Have fun!


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Postby Luís » Sat Oct 16, 2004 7:58 am

"It was Spring, and Sir Jonh was walking by the castle.
He wen't to the gate, and was aborded by a soldier:
Soldier:Sir Jonh, how are you?
Sir Jonh: Well and in good healt, and you?
Soldier:Fine, Sir Jonh, fine, were are you going?
Sir Jonh Out there, I must practice.
Soldier: Have a nice day Sir Jonh.
Sir Jonh:Equally.

He went to the forest and practiced with his sword.
Sir Jonh: Iolanda!
She huged Sir Jonh very strongly.
Sir Jonh:Iolanda, my love.
She grabbed his hand
Lady Iolanda: Let's go over there.
Sir Jonh: Iolanda, you are here.
Lady Iolanda I missed you so much.
Sir Jonh: me too.
They kissed each other. .

Sir Jonh was at a cave, and stood in front of a trunk .
Sir Jonh:This trunk will help in my marriage.
He grabbed the trunk and left the cave.

In the snow:
He was bringing the trunk with money and resguarding himself.
A cold brize passed trough him.
Sir Jonh: What a cold. At least it isn't snowing.
With time, the brize passed to a strong wind, and the strong wind passed to a temporal, it was a torment to the knigth to pass that with his heavy armor.
Then the worst came, it started snowing and wirling in a storm and the knight put his shield in defence .
The knight walked and walked,
and then fainted.

The knight woke, covered with snow, and saw it was in a hole. He struck with the sword the snow ans saw a withe sky and escaped.

The tree:
He walked and walcked in despair and then he reached a tree.
There, exausted, he slept .
Then a soldier apeard
Soldier: Sir Jonh, here you are.
Sir Jonh: take me home.
He gone home and saw Iolanda.
Lady Iolanda: Jonh, Jonh!!!
Sir Jonh: Iolanda!!!
They kissed each other and then married.

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Re: A Cold Winter's Knight (The Story)

Postby footsteps » Sat Oct 16, 2004 3:35 pm

The Quest

The tree was small, and almost covered in snow itself, but for the Knight it provided more protection and comfort than he had known for days.
His spirit had sunk into a deep dark pit where no light ventured or dared to spark. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," he murmured on the verge of tears. There was no-one there to hear him
but still he saw her standing there so clearly. If only he could reach out his hand and clasp hers again -- the excitement of flesh touching flesh, the thrill of life, the warmth of love.

It was beneath another tree, at another time.
Scarce months ago as the harvest was about to begin, it seemed an eternity now. He promised to fulfil his vow and return triumphant, or to remain in exile should he fail. "Nay, nay," the Lady had said, her voice rising with an inner strength that exhilarated him, "whether Victor or Vanquished you are mine. You must return to me!"
Her eyes were aflame with love and she would not be denied.

But now... now the Quest was ended. The fabled treasure...
merely baubles. His dreams of glory and wealth, fame and power, all he had hoped for had been swallowed within the decaying carcass of an ancient chest
in a moldering cave. The promise had become a curse, the Quest had failed. Was death the only release? Was this the end of the Quest?

Her eyes flamed within his mind again, shattering the dark Abyss that had tried to consume him. "You are mine. You must return to me!!!" Her voice surged through the sinews of his aching muscles, now pulsing with new vigor. Her eyes seared his blood as it raced through chilled limbs, now moving with new purpose. She now was the Quest!

He arose from his hiding place and charged into the the wind.
He called, not to the wind, but to her:





edited to include thumbnails, which I just learned how to use!
edited a second time to change some of the prose more to my liking.
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Postby Dada » Sat Oct 16, 2004 6:05 pm

The wind had blown for 3 days and 3 nights...
I did not feel any more my members, I were just a sort of statute going in the snow.

I stopped behind a tree with the shelter of the wind to reflect and rest me because I had not slept since an eternity.

Why was I here ???
Why was I at this moment wandering through the frozen steppes ???
Myself I didn't really remember...

It was several months, I was with my beloved, quiet behind a tree next to the fields.

Suddenly, a messenger arrived, carrying an important message: king Theodos was ill !!!
He required me to find for him the remedy for his strange illness that largest wise couldn't tend.
The potion, that would be able according to legendes to cure all the evils, was far, very far in north, in an isolated cave protected by a lot of terrible dangers...

It was my mission: go to north, on the frozen grounds to find something which wouldn't perhaps exist...

I was in front of a trunk, it must contain the object which I sought since so a long time.

I had fought monstrous creatures, crossed pit deeps, climbed hight mountains to arrive at the cave.
The air was frozener than outside but nothing could decrease my joy to have succed.
I approached my hands of the lock, I was going soon to open the trunk...

I woke up : I had fallen asleep. The storm hadn't ceased and I was always behind my tree.
A little sad, I set out again, facing the unchained elements, to achieve my quest.

I would perhaps die, I would perhaps lose my beloved, I would never see this beautiful fields, who can know ???
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