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VOTING Picture Captioning #14

Discussion of Castle Themed stories

Who's caption best fits the picture?

Poll ended at Fri Nov 11, 2005 6:00 am

The Brick Rat
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Sir Dillon
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VOTING Picture Captioning #14

Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Sun Nov 06, 2005 6:00 am


The admins have picked out their favorite captions, and now it's your turn to vote! You only have five days, so make sure to get your vote in quickly!

This is also the place where you can comment on the existing captions if you'd like.

So here are the finalists in no particular order:

footsteps with
It was an awkward moment for Jeeves. Having persuaded the latest guest to check in his accessories, how was he going to explain the requirement for a jacket and tie?

Formendacil with
Viking: "What do you mean the buy-one-get-one-free sale ended last night?"

The Brick Rat with
"By Odin's beard! You call yourself a fashion consultant?! If I go out dressed like this, I'll be a laughingstock!"

"Not if you know how to accessorize, my good man."

MaxiVisVires with
"I know you don't want to dress up as a viking for Halloween, but we're all out of Harry Potter costumes."

Sir Dillon with
Jeeves learns the hard way that he should always read the fine text in the 'job offers' section of the paper before applying.

rogue27 with
Sorry sir, but no weapons are allowed in the wedding hall. You should have settled any grudges at the bachelor party.

Happy voting!
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Postby ottoatm » Sun Nov 06, 2005 9:17 am

These are all very good... but ya gotta love Rogues! :-)
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Postby rogue27 » Sun Nov 06, 2005 1:18 pm

I had to vote for myself to keep my ego puffed up, but I think TheBrickRat also has an excellent quote.
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Postby footsteps » Sun Nov 13, 2005 6:58 pm

I too voted for my own quote, but if I hadn't been in the running I would've plumped for rogue27's. I liked the whole idea of "settling grudges" at the bachelor party.

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Postby Maedhros » Tue Nov 22, 2005 7:40 pm

When does the voting close? Well the winner seems to be quite obvious now but anyway...

All were good but I had to vote for MaxiVisVires... that one really made me laugh :lol:
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