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Home Board game with Lego minifigures and common dices

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Home Board game with Lego minifigures and common dices

Postby Lobberuno » Mon Nov 19, 2012 5:56 am

Hello, this is a board game that I designed, you can play it with minifigures, bricks and some dices (under Creative Commons license, you can use it and distribute, but no sell it). Enjoy it! (Tips for advanced mode are welcome). I'm still fixing some details for guarantee a fun gaming experience with family or friends, without getting bored or confused by playing this game.

Warriors of Brick

[Basic Mode]

You need: mini-figures, dices, chests, barrels and basic round bricks.

1. Each player must build 4 mini-figures as you like. Three will be basic type :) :) :), this is your battle squad, the other one will be considered asan upgrade type :sly:.

Red Battle Squad Example
Green Battle Squad Example

Token Bricks example

2. Both players select one basic type mini-figure for begin the game. Here begins a round.

3. When ready, both players roll one dice each one and check results (this is one turn), this will be the attack valor by the minifig. The basic minifigures have 20 health points. In a game, will be many battles, until a player get faint all enemy minifigures. A minifig receives damage in a round, this remains until the end of battle.

1st Round
2nd Round - Red Player Wins, but his/her minifigure has taken some damage.

4. Once any player reach the 20 points attack or more, means the enemy basic minifigure is faint. This is considered the end of a round. Defeating all enemy player's minifigures is considered the end of a battle. The winner of a battle gains one special brick, as a prove that the player won.

5. When a player knockout an enemy minifigure, he/she will obtain one tribute brick. The tribute brick must be used to upgrade minifigures. The Player decides when to upgrade a minifig, but must be at the end of any round except the last one of the whole battle.

6. An upgraded minifigure has 40 health points and can use two dices instead one (during one turn) by paying one tribute brick, the common dice will work as an attack indicator and the other one as sn attack multiplier. It must be traded at the end of any round, but a tribute brick and a minifigure with full health points are required.

Upgrading a Basic Minifig
How an upgraded minifig attacks Normal dice value: 5, Multiplier dice value: 4; 5 x 4 = 20 Hp damage!

7. Winning a battle counts as 100 gold ingots (a lego chest) and a special brick, losing a battle counts as 50 gold ingots (lego barrel). This will be used for adding more minifigures in the battle squad, basic or upgrade. The cost for adding one more basic minifigure for next battle is 50 gold ingots, upgraded minifigure is 100 but it requires the tribute brick and a minifig at full health. The max gold ingots supported for a game will be 1000. For short games, will be 500. At end of every battle, every player gains one token brick.

8. For long games, you can use super upgraded minifigures (knights in horseback and so), that will cost 2 tribute bricks and one tribute minifigure. This super minifigure will be 60 health points and 3 dices, 2 attack dices and one multiplier (by using two token bricks). Superb minifigure is 200 gold ingots.

9. Token bricks and tribute bricks are accumulable in a game. The max quantity to obtain is 5, so you can have up to 5 Tribute Brick and 5 Token Bricks.

To win the entire game, players can agree the victory by points (one battle victory = 1 point), accumulated gold ingots (so you must measure how much you buy), gained special tokens or by defeated minifigures, with the following values:
• Basic minifigure: 1 point
• Upgraded minifigure: 2 Points
• Superb minifigure: 4 points.
Thank you for playing this! :)
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Re: Home Board game with Lego minifigures and common dices

Postby Crazycrownieguy » Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:56 am

sounds cool, I'l have to try this out :D
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Re: Home Board game with Lego minifigures and common dices

Postby Justin M » Tue Nov 27, 2012 5:48 pm

That looks like fun. I'll have to test it out sometime! :)
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