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Brick and Blade

PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 1:03 am
by Dain Ironfoot
Hallo, I'm working on a modification for the medieval combat sim game, mount and blade.

Brick and Blade is a mod currently under development by myself and Stefano. It will transform M&B into a lego fantasy world(NOTE: Copying this from the original pitch, by fantasy I mean living minifigs essentially), heavily based off the classic castle sets. Expect to see Royal Knights, Forestmen, Black Falcons and the Wolf pack battling it out in a plastic world! Due to the nature of Lego and the enormous resources available online, we can also add whatever we want really! Lego versions of River pirates and Sea raiders will also appear. (NOTE: Traditional bandit type enemies in the game, the half naked fellow is a river pirate, the worst of the worst low level enemy, while the viking inspired fellow is a Sea Raider [who may just become vikings] a fairly high level enemy.. I've just modeled the viking helmet so expect to see them looking horny soon :D)

At the moment, this mod is still very much in the early art development stages. I've experimented with fitting the minifigure to the M&B skeleton and am convinced that we need a custom skeleton, therefore I'm eagerly awaiting the new BRF edit to let me have a hack at bringing these models to life.

Here are a few preview renders though


Obviously anyone who wants to help with any aspect is more than welcome :wink: These show a small example of the variety of weapons and armour that will be in Brick and Blade. Expect to see more soon.

I've been using this site's torso stickers. This is really handy as it saves me having to hand-draw textures (as I have to for the viking stuff)
LeoCAD has also been a really handy reference for models/proportions (though exporting them is a nightmare of high-polys and broken models so they tend to have to be remodelled)

Credits so far:
Anthony Sava for the excelent torso stickers and a great reference site

Anyway, thats pretty much the same pitch I gave over at the M&B forums where the idea has met with much enthusiasm (and nostalgia!) but here I'm going to ask for your help.

At the moment I'm planning on having 4 main factions: Royal Knights, Black Falcons, Forestmen and Wolf Pack. Other more neutral/random stuff will probably also find it's way into the game.. such is the nature of lego :D

Anyway, in M&B there are things called troop trees. This essentially specifies how a soldier in your party upgrades.. for example..

Peasant upgrades to Militia. Militia can then upgrade to either a skirmisher or footman. Footman can then either continue to develop as an infantry unit, or become a a cavalry unit. Units can be a mix of ranged/mounted or whatever.

Essentially I'm asking you fellows as I feel you know far more than me, what troop trees I should have, what weapons and armour troops should wear etc. What allegiances the factions should have is also somthing I'd like some advice on, though at the moment I have the Royal Knights and Forestmen loosely allied against the Black falcons, while the wolf pack just want to kill everyone! :D

Also, if any budding builders have Leocad and want to build castles, buildings towns etc to go ingame, that'd be wonderful!

As I said, I'm really just in the state of modeling/texturing as much stuff as possible until we can work out some animation stuff. I'm trying to get as much castle stuff in as possible (though stuff fitting within those factions takes priority) but if you feel I've forgotten somthing important, please yell :D



PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 3:04 am
by sidewinderl
Interesting...never heard of this game. I'll need to play it, to see what you have to work with, before I can really make any suggestions, though. I'm sure more factions wouldn't hurt (anything not from knights kingdom 2), especially custom factions.

Your models look good, though I'd make the visor bigger on the mounted knight.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 3:58 am
by Hob Took
I haven't played nor heard of this game either, although I do agree with sidewinderl, a few more factions wouldn't hurt such as the 2007 Castle kngihts (do they have a name yet?), skeloton/undead, and maybe even Bulls knights. You have touched on all the big classic factions though. I'll have to find a trial version of the game to give you more input, but I have to say those models look amazing!

Hob Took

PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 4:04 am
by ottoatm
Well I checked out the website and some screenshots of "mount and blade", and if you can actually turn that into an all-LEGO environment with all-LEGO trees, hills, rivers, castles, men/animals, it will indeed be an amazingly cool LEGO game!!

I'll be heartily sad if there are no Crusaders though!

I'd love to help, although I really have no idea how - I haven't done any programming in a good 3-4 years, and I've never used Auto-cad... Still, should you need someone for opinion or what-not, I'd be interested... or perhaps some tech work.

I see that mount and blade is not a free game - will you be charging for this? If so, I think that LEGO might have some legal matters to discuss with you?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 10:09 am
by Dain Ironfoot
A mod is a free modification for an existing game, so no, no charge. I heartily reccomend M&B as it's still cheap atm as it's still under development.

As much as many factions are great, I only have a certain amount of time :P And a map only has a certain amount of space for factions to battle on. So I'll concentrate on getting these factions ingame first, but sure why not (and I'll definitley try and throw in armour for factions even if they're not playable)

Thanks for the modeling tips, thats exactly the type of advice I need I need :)

I don't think you need experience of CAD for Leocad.. it's just drag and drop and the bricks snap together. Quite good fun too :)

Ideas for troops are what I'm really hoping for right now :) I can see that forestmen seem to be good with lightly armoured spearmen and bowmen (with short swords as a secondary weapon) but the other factions seem harder to nail down...
So any advice or inspiration would be great


PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 8:09 pm
by Hob Took
Just tried out the trial version a couple of times, and it was great (too bad it stops at level 8 :( )! Here are my thoughts on the different factions

Wolfpack - river pirates because they are very lightly armored, wimpy weapons, and not very organized
Vikings - I agree vikings should replace the sea raiders because they are tougher and have better weapons
Dark Forest - similar to Forestmen I guess, but some consider it a different faction, and these guys could replace some of the other raiders that are out in the wilderness

Black Falcons - should be defensive, but with strong cavalry aswell
Royal Knights - have heavily armored soldiers
Forestmen - obviously good archers
Bull Knights - heavy siege machines (if there is such a thing, remember I can only play to level 8 :( )

That's all my comments for now, but could you post the advancing troop trees that are in M&B so I can have a better understanding of just what you're looking for?

Hob Took

PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 1:48 am
by Dain Ironfoot
Here we go...

This is just an example of the native troop trees. The modded troop trees can be entirely different.

Farmer > Watchman
Townsman > Watchman > Caravan Guard > Mercenary > Hired Blade

Dark Hunter > Dark Knight

Khergit Horseman > Khergit Guard

River Pirate > Bandit > Brigand

PeasantWoman > FollowerWoman
Refugee > FollowerWoman > HuntWoman > FightWoman > Sword Sister

Manhunter > Slv.Driver > Slv.Hunter > Slv.Crusher > Slv.Chief

S. Peasant > S. Militia > S. Skirmisher > S. X-Bow > S. Sharps
S. Militia > S. Footman > S. Infantry > S. Sergeant
S. Footman > Sw. ManAtArms > Sw. Knight

V. Peasant > V. Footman > V. Skirmisher > V. Archer > V. Marksman
V. Footman > V. Veteran > V. Infantry > V. Guard
V. Veteran > V. Horseman > V. Knight

PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 2:17 am
by Dain Ironfoot
Now with more Viking!


PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 7:09 pm
by ottoatm
Excellent! I was just thinking about how interesting/cool this game could be today, so your image link is very well timed.

Very cool~

PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 10:19 pm
by Dain Ironfoot
I've just redrawn the chain mail for the vikings (found a decent picture on a site) I don't know, but it might be useful for those who want to make viking/chainmail torso stickers..

General progress report on stuff, got texture sheets together for Royal Knights, Black Falcons and Forestmen and am working on drawing vikings... any requests for renders, please yell. As you guys are the experts :D

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 12:57 am
by ericgizmo
Well i could be of nothing help (wait that doesnt make sense) Ok listen this will probbally not help u but i know how to make Ok type of sprites (never tried makeing lego sprites though but i could try) on Game Maker. my friends knows how to do tiny bit codeing and script ( that probbaly wont help ethier) Ill try Leocad and m&b to see what u are having the game like. If all that fails ill just give u tips on what to improve on. Will u have a classic castle guild in the game our something else for us :D maybe like free subscription :roll: Bye. Plz reply

PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2007 1:05 am
by Dain Ironfoot
I'm not sure you understand the kind of game M&B is :P

In other news..


PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2007 9:57 pm
by Hob Took
Awesome! Have you done the hills, mountains, forests, ect?

I downloaded LeoCAD, and it seems to be a pretty simple drag and drop program. I might be able to help you with a few ideas on the troops, and possibly even create a few buildings, although I have absolutly no idea how they get animated or put into the game.

Hob Took

PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2007 1:28 pm
by ericgizmo
You are right i have no idea what mount and blade is i will try it today and leocad i may be helpful with buildings. Is mount and blade single player. If it is there should be some way to make it mutiplayer. Wheres the demo for mount and blade(plz send link)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2007 2:45 pm
by lord azreal
I am the same as ericgizmo, I would like to have a look at this game, and help out with the mod. Please send us a link for a demo (if there is one) and by the way, PLEASE make crownies!