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NELUG TekLevel 2 BrikWars Game

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NELUG TekLevel 2 BrikWars Game

Postby TaltosVT » Wed Dec 05, 2007 1:09 pm

The New England Lego Users Group (NELUG) held it's fourth BrikWars game of the year last weekend on Dec. 1. The game was a TL2, medieval/fantasy themed game.

The game board was made up of modulesthat were each 12x12 studs. When placed together, the modules formed a set of crumbling ruins, backed by a large tower and a couple of buildings.

Elroy's Modules
Shaun's Modules
Elroy, Shaun, Dave, and Joe's modules before assembly

Each player fielded a 50 point squad. With each kill, the Trooper dealing the killing blow gained 1cp point for every 3cp that the opponent was worth. CPs gained during the game could be used to buy more skill, armor, or movement for the Trooper.

The game began with five squads, each between 5 to 6 Troopers. The mayhem began immediately, with a couple of Highwaymen being felled by Ninja arrows.

On the opposite end of the board, two human factions duked it out, while a small band of Lizard-men slowly made their way toward the ruins.

Action continued on both ends of the board for a few turns. While general chaos was ensuing, a sixth faction, the heavily armored Tankies entered the scene.

Several more turns began to see the elimination of some factions. In the end, there were only three men left standing.

The game ended quickly as the remaining Highwayman suddenly turned on his ally, only to be stabbed in the back by the victorious Lizard-man.

All in all is was an awesome game, lasting about 8 hours. The modular board was quick to set up and tear down, and could be used for any number of games, as the terrain can be constantly changed. We did change the modular standard to add technic bricks to the bottom of each module, allowing them to be pinned together.

Photos of the game, taken by Shaun Sullivan.

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Postby HeartOfDarkness » Thu Dec 06, 2007 1:38 am

Cool models, well-formed teams, and and interesting twist. This was certianly a fun Brikwars to view, and the plethora of new elements was a refreshing reminder that Brikwars isn't finished with Nelug yet. :P Thanks for posting!

Oh, and by the way, those are some utterly cool lizardmen. Who all was playing, and where was it hosted?
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Postby TaltosVT » Thu Dec 06, 2007 12:39 pm

HeartOfDarkness wrote:Oh, and by the way, those are some utterly cool lizardmen. Who all was playing, and where was it hosted?

The lizard-men were Shaun Sullivan's creation, played by Joe Comeau. Shaun himself fielded a faction of savage Norsemen. The Scorpion team was played by Dan Kressin, who successfully used a Medik to raise one of his fallen men, thus living to be one of the last three men standing. Nate Finch played the Tankies, Dave Eaton played the Ninjas, and I fielded the Highwaymen. The game was played at Joe's house.

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