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CCRP Villages and Cities Discussion

Postby FullNelson » Fri Apr 18, 2008 6:54 pm

Since LEGO-Las quit we need a new one

If you have made a city, post it here. I will edit them in to this post. Make sure to include the co-ordinates of the city and a one-sentence description.

Black Falcon Cities & Villages
Capitol: Falconia (D-6) A heavily fortified city that is very large, Falconia is the center of Black Falcon commerce, and home to the King.
Village: Abberdale (C-6) A small Black Falcon village at the outskirts of BF territory and near the beginning of the Crusaders territory.
City: Stormdog (E-7) Large port city, on the pointy tip of the mainland and extends via bridge to a small island where all the docks are.

Crusader Cities & Villages
City: Drer (C-6) Drer is a walled city, with a small outpost in the center. It is on the Black Falcon/Crusader border.

Crown Kingdom Cities & Villages
City: Cronifer (F-9) Crown Knights Capitol. Home to the King and his Castle.
City: Wallton (L-9) A large walled river city that borders the troll territory.

Goblin Lairs
Lair: Gra'ck Narge (M-9) Ancient Fortress made by a mysterious unknown faction long before the goblins.

Castle: Castle Stoneworthy (C-5) Originally mentioned by LEGO-las, a castle in the center of the forest that many factions are after. NOTE: VERY hard to find. Don't just walk in the forest and find it.
Village: Berrington Village (?-?) A village built apon a small clearing within the forest, protected by a low wooden wall with an outpost at each of it's four corners.

Night Falcon Cities & Villages
Village: Port Liontear (H-4) A small seaside village, that just legally became independent from the Royal Knights.

Skeleton Cities & Villages
Castle: Skorllor (N-10) Skellie Capitol (treat as wizards treat the name 'Voldemort' in Harry Potter.)

Shadow Knights Cities & Villages
City: Shadow Knight Capital

Shadonia: Home of King Scarpo and the Uber-Fortress!
Links to each half:
First half:
Second half + UBER-FORTRESS!!!!:

Northern Bull Knights:
Capitol: (J-3) Castle Bulloth: A good sized castle that has been used by the Bulloth's as a center of command and commerce for generations.

Black Knights:
Castle: (C-3) (I can't remember the name): Little castle thing between the rivers. (Great Name BTW Really Original)
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Postby Matt BeDar » Sat Apr 19, 2008 1:05 pm

Northern Bull Knights:
Capitol: (J-3) Castle Bulloth: A good sized castle that has been used by the Bulloth's as a center of command and commerce for generations.

Many more castles and villages to come. :)
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Postby FirebenderDude2 » Tue Apr 22, 2008 11:35 pm

STORMDOG IS E-7!!!!!!!!

Black Knights:

C-3 (I can't remember the name)

Little castle thing between the rivers.
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