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Should we make a C-C online card game?

Poll ended at Wed May 26, 2004 7:12 am

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C-C CCG (Classic-Castle Collectible Card Game)

Postby Rubberchickenknight » Wed May 19, 2004 7:12 am

well...i was thinking, C-C's got the c-c roleplay and there's brik battles, i was thinking about the game types that aren't represented here :cry: such as card games. i was thinking we could make an online card game we could make using minifig characters. it's only an idea, but if you like it, do you think we should make it based on fantasy, historical,ancient times, or all? :|
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Postby erikut » Wed May 19, 2004 10:10 am

i woted maybe cause its a good idea but ih has nothing much to do whit lego
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Postby jamitjames » Wed May 19, 2004 11:39 am

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Postby Chancellor Erik » Thu May 20, 2004 1:58 am

Great idea. If I can help in any way, let me know.
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Postby Sir Smittens » Thu May 20, 2004 4:23 am

Cool! I think it would be really fun as a basic game, but with the community here at CC we could make it really awesome!

I think it should be a mix of fantasy and historical, but more on the fantasy side.

However, I'm not sure how complicated you're thinking of for this, but I can imagine it would get very difficult very quickly. If need be, I can do what I can, and I have a very tech-savy friend we could call on in a desperate hour.

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Postby Red Bean » Sun May 23, 2004 1:13 pm

I quite like this idea. It can be a card game of not just minifigs, but buildings and scenes out of bricks as well. I'd be happy to help with the graphics.

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Postby Daimyo » Sun May 23, 2004 5:29 pm

Sounds rather creative and original, but not something I would be interested in.
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