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The Hemlock Campaign

Postby Daimyo » Sun May 23, 2004 5:49 pm

As many have asked me to clear up the subject of how the Wolfpack started war with the Dark Forest, here is a fill-in...

Fallmir Kath was a notorious corsair and King of the Dark Forest, a backwater kingdom which long ago was ruled by the Forestmen. Kath raided sea-going merchants and made many enemies amongst those of the Golden Court (the representation of all Lego nations at the Yellow Castle). He especially raided Royal convoys. Eventually, the Emperor dispatched the armies of his Royal Knight puppet state to quell Kath's raids. Fallmir belayed any advance the Royals made at him and quickly won the short-lived excursion after an appeal in the Golden Court. However, the wise old Wolfpack king Gineus Blackcloak disagreed with the decision made that day. But Gineus died shortly from old age. His son Willem took the throne, and though young, he was very intelligent. However, always behind him was his scheming advisor Defoe Grimtongue. After a disastrous naval fiasco with Kath's fleet, Willem, under the advice of Defoe, went to war with Kath. Though the Dark Forest troops were swift and deadly, they were disorganized and overstretched, and soon Willem's men had beaten Fallmir's armies, but pulled out. It was only to teach him a lesson, not to exterminate him. Willem then departed with his luietenant Graygon for an adventure. Defoe dispatched the one known as Blackguard (Adamopolis) to murder Fallmir. He succeeded, and defoe seized the wolfpack throne and continued Willem's war. This struggle soon escalated to full-fledged genocide, as the leaderless Dark Forest people were slaughtered, entire villages razed. Radjar Kath ascended the throne with a cabinet of expierienced soldiers and heroes. The tide then began to turn, but not without a cost...

Sorry for the long post. Just for explanation. You want more? Roleplay members, just post and ask what Roleplay historical moment you want to hear about.
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Mon May 24, 2004 6:13 pm

Daimyo, this post should be part of the 'C-C Roleplay Planning' thread. I have cross-posted this message and I have locked this thread.
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