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How do you organize your army?

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Re: How do you organize your army?

Postby Tria » Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:09 pm

My goal is to create 5 Lands and Armies with different profile and standard colors and weapons, helmets and uniforms. Every army will have a special unit, a special weapon, special advantages and a disadvantage.
The armies will be Lions, Falcons, Dragons, Bats, Scorpions (If the budget allows I will add Crown, Wolfpack and Trolls)
1. Lion Army consists of the Kingdoms Lions (Leader King and 1 Prince, leading faction) and their banners (Royal Knights with one Lord and Lion Crusaders with one Lord)
main color: red, white, gold for uniforms and for weapons and wear metallic silver and pearl light gray, white horses
Each Unit has one Leader
Special weapon: enhanced crossbow
Main power: Huge numbers and diversity in units, every unit is well equipped
Disadvantage: No siege equipments
Land: Vast fertile rich Land with lots of forts and an economy targeted to agriculture
Main Lion Army
20x simple swordsmen with shields with lion quarters torso
20x spearmen with shields
20x Pikemen
20x spiked flail with shields
20x archers
12x swordsmen-knights with breastplate torso
12x mounted crossbowers
12x mounted knights

The banners
Royal Knights
12x swordsmen+ spearmen
12x archers
5x mounted knights

Crusaders Lion
12x swordsmen+spearmen
12x archers
12x macemen

2. Falcons
Main colors: Black and Blue, black breastplates, dark grey weapons, black helmets and black horses
special unit: Black mounted Knights
special weapon: black armor and swords
main advantage: advanced tactics and siege equipment
main disadvantage: small numbers No diversity in units
Land of Falcons: No King, a complicated governing system, advanced Technology, Science and Law.

12x swordsmen yellow border shield
12x swordsmen blue border shield
12x archers
12x crossbowers
12x mounted knights
4x trebouchets
4x catapults
4x ballistas

My plan for these two is about 80% completed...

For the rest armies, I dont know yet... I am still planning them...
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Re: How do you organize your army?

Postby AK_Brickster » Fri Jun 08, 2012 5:25 pm

Tria wrote:My plan for these two is about 80% completed...

Sounds impressive! I'd like to see a picture :)
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Re: How do you organize your army?

Postby krzyzak » Fri Jun 08, 2012 5:59 pm

Not too much organization in my collection. There are squads and divisions though. Sometimes I make the spear-men go into lines to withstand cavalry assaults. That is only for the human-dwarf factions. The evil ones just sprint like mad across the battlefield. No wonder they lose a lot.
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